How Do You Do, Sudowoodo? (VSウソッキー VS Sudowoodo) (known as VS. Sudowoodo in Chuang Yi version) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


Gold continues the race against Whitney, but stop because a giant tree is in the way. Suddenly, a Rhydon appears and captures Whitney, while the tree unmasks itself, revealing it to be a Sudowoodo, which was chased by Rhydon. To save Whitney, win the race and defeat the Rhydon bully, Gold teams up with Sudowoodo.

Chapter plot

Gold races against Whitney in a Pokémon race. Suddenly, they stop as a giant tree is blocking the path. Whitney's Miltank tries to tackle the tree, but the tree is undamaged. Exbo uses Ember, but the tree absorbs the attack. Gold sees he has to do something, else Whitney might win the race. He sends Polibo, Sunbo and Aibo to attack. Gold notices the tree reacts to Polibo's Water Gun. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake. A Rhydon appears, who attacks the tree. Gold notices Rhydon seems to be searching for something, but Whitney is displeased and tries to get out.

However, the Rhydon intercepts, attacking Miltank and taking Whitney hostage. The radio team goes to rescue Whitney, so Gold tries to do the same. However, he encounters the tree, so has Polibo use Water gun on it. However, the tree turns around, revealing it to be a Sudowoodo. Gold sees Sudowoodo disguised itself, for Rhydon was chasing it. Gold scolds Sudowoodo, for they might've hurt it really bad. He advises it to stand up to Rhydon. Sudowoodo is scared, so Gold points out it is stronger than it thinks. Gold decides to help Sudowoodo to defeat the bully, Rhydon.

Gold comes near Rhydon and uses the cue to push Sudowoodo's Poké Ball to Rhydon. Sudowoodo comes out and punches Rhydon hard, knocking it out. Later, at Goldenrod City, Gold teases Whitney, for he passed by the tree and saved her, thinking he should win. Gold tells Smeargle to apologize to him, who smudges Gold with ink. Gold gets in a fight with Smeargle, and while DJ Mary makes an autograph for Gold, Whitney promises to defeat Gold next time. Later, Gold goes to the arcade with the money he won. Sudowoodo comes to Gold, wanting to travel with him. Gold offers a place for Sudobo, as they continue onwards.



Gold's Sudowoodo


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