The Ariados up There (VSアリアドス VS Ariados) (known as VS. Ariados in Chuang Yi version) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


The masked man makes his attacks on Gold and his Pokémon. Gold tries to make a getaway, but the masked man foils his plans and manages to bind him. Gold, however, promises to encounter the masked man and defeat him.

Chapter plot

Gold sees the masked man ordered these attacks. He tries to attack, but sees that the boy and Farfetch'd are in trouble. Gold's Aibo scratches the masked man, whose Ariados uses String Shot to bind Gold. Gold attempts to retreat, but gets surrounded. The masked man tells Gold to join as his guard, so Gold sees his Gastly possessed the boy. Gold is disgusted by that move, promising to defeat him. The masked man sees some courage, as others would flee. So, Delibird gives Gold a present, which explodes. Gastly uses Shadow Ball and Houndour Iron Tail, hitting Gold and his Pokémon. Gold's Exbo uses Smokescreen, causing Gold and his partners to vanish.

The masked man sees they want him to chase after them. Ariados uses Spider Web, while others headbutt the trees, wanting Gold to be dropped down. With a blow, Gold falls down. However, the masked man sees light coming from the shrine and ignores Gold, who falls down. Ariados uses String Shot, binding Gold's jacket (which is a distraction), while Gold and his Pokémon attack the masked man from behind. Gold orders Sunbo to use Mega Drain, but gets binded by Ariados' String Shot, for it can use it from behind. The masked man goes to a shrine, but sees "his chance is lost, as the light is gone". The man leaves, but Gold orders him to take the mask and face him in true battle. The man laughs, telling Gold he is not gutsy enough. Later, Aibo takes Gold's strings off, who is annoyed by this masked man. He notices his Pokémon are sad because of the defeat.

Gold rallies them, for they will get stronger and show the masked man. At the Pokémon Center, Gold is being healed, while the boy from the forest is still unconscious. Elm contacts Gold and reports when Aibo scratched the masked man, some metal particles were transferred to Aibo. Elm warns Gold to keep an eye out for the man once more. Gold sees this masked man insults him just as much as Silver does.

Meanwhile, Silver gets a job from a man to watch the masked man's movements.




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