You Ain't Nothin' but a Houndour (VSデルビル VS Houndour) (known as Houndour from the Dark in Chuang Yi version) is the 13th and final chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 8.


As Gold enters the Ilex Forest, he and his Pokémon get lost, trying to find Silver. Instead, they find a boy and his Farfetch'd. Gold carries them around, but the boy and Farfetch'd wake up and attack Gold, both being possessed by a Gastly. Gold hides, but his Polibo got lost. Gold finds him, but finds new opponents as well, which corner Gold and his Pokémon.

Chapter plot

A boy orders his Farfetch'd to use Cut, which cuts some logs. The boy is pleased, but notices the forest is getting misty. Suddenly, the boy's Farfetch'd is missing, while the boy gets scared of a ghost that appears in front of him. Gold, however, is at Ilex Forest and sees the woods are quite scary. However, he orders his Pokémon to walk in a straight line, as they won't get lost. He remember Silver, who did not even thank him for catching Ursaring, so goes ahead to meet up with him. As Gold continues, he sees they got lost. However, he suspects there is more to the forest, for usually walking in a straight line shouldn't have gotten them lost.

Suddenly, they trip over a Farfetch'd and its owner, the boy. Gold carries the boy around, but suspects something is wrong, for the wounds on Farfetch'd are unusual, even its leek is broken. Gold feels a strange chill. Gold feels the boy and Farfetch's are getting heavier, so throws them away. Farfetch'd and the boy stand up, who are possessed by a Gastly. Gold sees he cannot battle here, so retreats with his Pokémon. Gold hides with his Pokémon, wondering how can he defeat the boy. He sees Polibo near the boy, so runs to rescue him. When Gold comes to Polibo, he faces four opponents: a Gastly, a Houndour, an Ariados and a Delibird.

Houndour goes to bite, but Exbo's Smokescreen counters the attack. However, Houndour manages to hit Exbo, while Polibo faces Gastly. Sunbo grows, but Ariados hits it, so Gold is cornered by these Pokémon's speed. Gold sees he is at a disadvantage, facing four Pokémon at once. A figure approaches, so Exbo uses Ember, but Houndour uses Flamethrower. Gold stares at his opponent, who has a mask equipped, ordering Gold to leave the forest.






The chapter's title of is a reference to the song Hound Dog.


Houndour and Gastly were refered as Evil-type and Spirit-type Pokémon, though those types do not exist.


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