Totodile Rock (VSワニノコ VS Totodile) (known as Totodile, Come with Me! in Chuang Yi version) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 8.


Gold and Silver continue the battle. However, during the fight, Exbo uses Smokescreen, triggering the traps in the tower. Gold and Silver, including their Pokémon, use their powers to bypass the traps.

Chapter plot

Gold meets up with Silver and their Cyndaquil and Totodile clash. Totodile bites and scratches Cyndaquil, who tackles Totodile. Gold orders Silver to return Totodile, who refuses. Gold tells he kept promise to Prof. Elm to return Totodile and he intends to do that. Exbo uses Ember, but gets soaked by Water Gun. Silver knows Water is stronger than Fire. Gold replies Exbo wants to get his buddy back and is trying his best. Silver tells the ecology determinds that, not courage. Gold decides to prove him wrong, as Exbo strikes, using Smokescreen to cover the field.

Gold laughs at Silver's blabbering of ecology, while Silver cannot see. Gold comes to Totodile and offers it his help to get back to Elm's lab. Totodile simply bites Gold's arm, making him scream. Gold is surprised Totodile wants to stay with Silver. Totodile leaps back, while Silver claims a weakling would rely on such decepitve attacks. Gold orders Silver to shut up. Silver tells Totodile wants to stay with him, for it knows it will become stronger with Silver. Suddenly, traps are triggered, so Gold and Silver dodge spikes and and a giant ball.

Gold and Silver push the giant ball, as they have nowhere to hide. Gold wonders from where are all these traps, so Silver believes Exbo's Smokescreen caused traps to be triggered. Totodile and Exbo whisper to each other, making a plan. Exbo burns the giant ball, while Totodile uses Ice Pucnh to crack the ball. Gold sees the massive temperature change caused the ball to crack. He thanks Exbo and Totodile, but sees Totodile and Silver are gone. Outside, Silver notices Totodile is evolving. He is pleased, for his goal for evolving Croconaw is finished.



Croconaw (Silver's)


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