Bellsprout Rout (VSマダツボミ VS Bellsprout) (known as Bellsprouts Formation in Chuang Yi version) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 8.


Gold is informed Silver went into the Bellsprout Tower. Climbing up, he faces a bunch of monks, who use Bellsprout and form different formations to attack and defend. However, Gold manages to foil their strategy, allowing him to continue onward and face Silver himself.

Chapter plot

Gold fears the assistant will get Cyndaquil back, thinking Elm is angry that Gold took Exbo without asking. Gold introduces himself and asks the robber if he saw Silver and Totodile, presenting a picture of them. The robber claims he has not seen Silver. Gold claims he is a liar, but a woman comes and recognizes Silver, as she saw him before at the Bellsprout Tower. Silver, however, trains to evolve his Totodile, being at the last stage. Gold stands before the Tower and heard stories a 30 meter high Bellsprout stands in the center. He is not interested in that, as he wants to catch Silver. Thinking Silver might make an ambuish again, Gold proposes to think like a thief. He enters the tower and sees a lot of machinery around. He encounters a bunch of monks, who introduce themselves and name Gold as "Awful" and intend to shave his head.

Gold refuses, as he came to find the thief. The monks stop him, telling he needs to train here to pass through them. The monks' Bellsprout use Sword Dance, then make a circle formation and cut a bit of Gold's hair. The monks reply Gold will benefit from their training, but Gold goes to prove he does not need to join, as he held back the attacks as he is trespassing. Aibo goes to attack, but the Bellsprout make a defensive formation and use Reflect, shielding themselves from the attack. Gold admits the Bellsprout have teamwork. The monks ask Gold which formation they should use for their final attack.

Gold tells them to stand on their heads, make a fan shape and stand on each other. The Bellsprout make all these formations, but Gold is pleased, as it is his victory. Exbo, who is standing under them, ignites the flames and burns the Bellsprout. Gold tells Cyndaquil is his partner and threatens to burn the tower if the monks try to do anything with him. Gold climbs up, knowing he and Exbo would be friends, thoguh the monks know he is lying. Gold wonders why would Silver be here. Gold comes to the master monk and asks if there is any treasure around. The monk replies it is a training space, for the entire tower is a training complex, then asks Gold for a battle.

Gold warns the monk about Silver, though the monk points at Silver, leaving. Gold speeds up to Silver, whose Totodile slashes the staircase, causing Gold to fall down. Aibo catches Gold and pulls him up.


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