Elekid Incorporated (VSエレキッド VS Elekid) (known as Buzzing Elekid in Chuang Yi version) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 8.


Gold tries to catch the thief, who speeds up to avoid being captured. Gold uses Cyndaquil to limit his movement and succeeds, but gets knocked out by Team Rocket, who make their new appearance with new goals. The thief uses Sneasel and Totodile to battle Team Rocket, surprising them at every turn.

Chapter plot

Gold tries to catch the thief, using Aibo to attack. However, the thief speeds up and comes out of the lab. The thief swings from branch to branch, so Gold has Exbo release the flames from its back. It burns the branch, causing the thief to fall down. Gold uses the rod, intimidating the thief to give the bag back. Gold notices the thief has an object. Suddenly, Gold gets zapped by Elekid, as Team Rocket came.

Team Rocket admit they were searching for Elm's bag, wanting to take his Poké Balls. By mistake, they took Gold's bag, but now came to attack, wanting to take Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. The thief tells he has Totodile, while the kid they just knocked out has Cyndaquil. Team Rocket is displeased, so have Elekid attack. The thief sends Totodile, but the grunts know the Pokémon won't listen to a stranger. Silver smiles, as there are times a Pokémon works better with a stranger, as Totodile uses Frustration.

Sneasel takes all the Poké Balls from the grunts, then uses Faint Attack on Elekid. The thief tells he made sure to teach Totodile Frustration, as it works best if newly obtained. The grunts are angry and run off. Moments later, Gold wakes up and a police officer takes him for questioning, but will arrest him if he resists. Gold is terrified, but yells at Joey, wanting to get his attention. Joey confirms Gold is his friend, but reports Elm is at the hospital for straining his back when slipped on ice. The police officer asks Gold to help them catch the thief. Gold notices the thief's glove and takes it.

In Cherrygrove City, Gold describes the thief's appearance. However, he fakes his face appearance and runs off with Joey. Later, Joey and Gold are camping. Joey thinks the police will be able to catch the thief, but Gold admits he was lying. Gold tells he will force the thief to give back his bag. Joey uses his laptop and with Gold's help, make the real picture of the thief. Joey admits much happened recently, thinking fate is at work. Suddenly, they meet Prof. Oak, who asks Gold did he see the thief using a device, the Pokédex.






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