Sneasel Sneak Attack (VS ニューラ VS Sneasel) (known as Sneaky Sneasel in Chuang Yi version) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 8.


Gold and Joey come to Elm's lab, where they encounter a thief, who stole Totodile. Gold uses Aipom to battle Silver's Sneasel. Seeing Silver took Totodile, Gold obtains a Cyndaquil to battle the thief. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is gathering, making a new move in Johto.

Chapter plot

The boy puts a glove on and snatches a Totodile, one of Elm's Pokémon. Elm turns around and sees Totodile has been stolen. Meanwhile, Gold and Joey came to Elm's lab to report the theft. However, Gold senses an ambush. The boy climbs up, and so does Gold. They see each other, for a moment, then the boy climbs up. Elm spots Gold and thinks he is the thief. However, Gold warns him, as the boy's Sneasel uses Icy Wind. This causes Elm to trip over the slippery ground. Joey also comes, but trips over as well. Aibo goes to scratch, but Sneasel uses Protect.

Gold calls Aibo and sends it back, intending to hit Sneasel from behind. Gold wants his bag back, though the boy wonders what is he talking about. Gold claims he will not leave without the bag, but thinks the boy is mighty, as he won't fall for the attack from behind. Gold sees a Poké Ball is missing and sees the boy has Totodile, so Gold knows the boy has stolen it. Gold sees a Cyndaquil is angry, as Totodile was stolen, so Gold takes Cyndaquil with him. He sends Cyndaquil, but sees its flames burn very hot. Thinking the flames are much more explosive than his mum's, Gold names Cyndaquil as Exbo, preparing for the fight with the boy.

Meanwhile, some members of Team Rocket are pleased to have obtained the bag. However, they see it is a bag with a lot of Poké Balls. The grunts run off to get the bag they wanted, though Gold's Poliwag's Poké Ball rolls into a lake and floats off.





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