Who Gives a Hoothoot? (VSホーホー VS Hoothoot) (known as Hoothoot Time in Chuang Yi version) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 8.


Gold and Joey go into New Bark Town's Downtown. Gold notices a scammer and goes to teach him and his Hoothoot a lesson by participating in his game.

Chapter plot

Joey slept at Gold's house and thanks his mom. Joey thanks for retrieving the bag, as Prof. Oak himself asked Joey to get the bag to Prof. Elm. Gold remembers him being on the show with DJ Mary, displeasing Joey, thinking Gold should know more about Prof. Oak. Gold has an idea and asks to join Joey, as he needs to visit Oak after delivering the Balls to Elm. Gold claims one needs to meet the Prof. Oak to be a good trainer, though Joey believes he just wants to meet DJ Mary.

They come to New Bark Town's Downtown. People recognize Gold as the one from House of Pokémon. Joey sees Gold is famous around here. Suddenly, they see a man advertising a game: for 100 yen, if one captures all the Pokémon the man is about to release, they can win great prizes, while he uses Hoothoot to count the time. Another challenger lost, pleasing the man, as all he has to do is to make Hoothoot's cry be heard. Gold knows that man is cheating, so gives it a try, telling he is bad at catching Pokémon. Before the contest starts, Aibo whispers to Hoothoot.

The contest starts, so Aibo manages to hit the Wooper. The man sees Gold is good, but orders Hoothoot to finish the count. However, Hoothoot is confused and hits the man. Gold points out the man is a fraud and is applaused by the citizens. Gold is pleased, as they can go to get Mary's autograph. Joey is displeased, but marks Gold is good with Pokémon, for Aibo used Swagger on Hoothoot before starting the contest. Joey thinks he must've done a lot of mischief with Aibo. Suddenly, Gold and Joey notice Gold's bag is gone, so Joey suspects someone mistook it to be Oak's bag, filled with info and took Gold's.

Gold is angry and goes on his skateboard, wanting to get his Pokémon back, who were with him since he was born. Meanwhile, Elm hears a noise and thinks Joey is back. Upon checking, Elm and Sentret see nothing. However, from a ceiling, a boy and his Sneasel are hanging, planning to make an ambush.






  • This chapter's English title comes from the saying "Who gives a hoot?".


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