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Future Sight
Future Sight VII.png
Future Sight
Generation: II
Battle Data
Type: Type Psychic.gif
Category Special
Power: 120
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 10, max: ?
Affects: 2 Targets
Secondary Effect: no
Contact: No
Contest Data
Contests (RSE)
Type: Smart
Appeal: 2 ♥♥
Jam: 2 ♥♥
Super Contests (DPPt)
Type: Smart
Appeal: 2 ♥♥
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Type: Smart

Future Sight is a Psychic-type move introduced in Generation II that causes the foe to be struck by a psychic force several turns after the attack is used.


Games Description
GSC An attack that hits on 3rd turn.
RSE Heightens inner power to strike 2 turns later.
FRLG Two turns after this move is used, the foe is attacked psychically.
DPPtHGSS Two turns after this move is used, the foe is attacked with a hunk of psychic energy.
Two turns after this move is used, a hunk of psychic energy attacks the target.


The move's power is determined by Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats while the move was chosen (not when it hits). It's unaffected by type effectivenesses (i.e. it can hit Dark-type Pokémon), doesn't have an elemental type, and can hit Pokémon with Wonder Guard. This move cannot land in a critical hit, and it cannot be evaded by protection moves. Prior to Generation V, it also bypasses Endure, though a Pokémon with Focus Sash can survive the hit. From Generation V onward, Endure and the Sturdy ability can be used to survive the hit. This move fails if itself or Doom Desire was chosen. Its damage is not increased by Life Orb. No Pokémon receive STAB from this move.


By leveling up

Pokémon Type Egg groups Level
064.png Kadabra psychic Human-Like 31 30 42 48 48XY
43 45
065.png Alakazam psychic Human-Like 31 30 42 48 48XY
43 45
096.png Drowzee psychic Human-Like 45 45RSE
53 61 61 61
097.png Hypno psychic Human-Like 60 60RSE
69 61 1, 61 1, 61
144A.png Articuno psychic/flying Undiscovered 65
150.png Mewtwo psychic Undiscovered 44 44RSE
22 15 15 15 88
177.png Natu psychic/flying Flying 30 30 36 36 36XY
44 45
178.png Xatu psychic/flying Flying 35 35 42 42 42XY
49 55
196.png Espeon psychic Field 43 43BW
25 25 50
249.png Lugia psychic/flying Undiscovered 99 99 79 79 79 79 81
250.png Ho-Oh fire/flying Undiscovered 99 99 79 79 79 79 81
251.png Celebi psychic/grass Undiscovered 30 30 64 64 64 64 70
280.png Ralts psychic/fairy Human-Like/Amorphous 36 34 39 39XY
32 39
281.png Kirlia psychic/fairy Human-Like/Amorphous 40 39 45 45XY
37 53
282.png Gardevoir psychic/fairy Human-Like/Amorphous 42 45 53 53XY
40 63
337.png Lunatone rock/psychic Mineral 43 53 53BW
41 53
339.png Barboach water/ground Water 2 36 43 43 43XY
39 42
340.png Whiscash water/ground Water 2 46 51 51 51XY
45 48
355.png Duskull ghost Amorphous 49 46 49 49XY
54 44
356.png Dusclops ghost Amorphous 58 61 61 61XY
1, 64ORAS
1, 64 48
359.png Absol dark Field 41 41 41BW
1, 53ORAS
1, 53 50
385.png Jirachi steel/psychic Undiscovered 40 55 55 55 55 70
436.png Bronzor steel/psychic Mineral 37 37BW
29 29 44
437.png Bronzong steel/psychic Mineral 43 43BW
29 29 50
475.png Gallade psychic/fighting Human-Like/Amorphous 1
477.png Dusknoir ghost Amorphous 61 61 61XY
1, 64ORAS
1, 64 48
480.png Uxie psychic Undiscovered 36 36 36 36 63
481.png Mesprit psychic Undiscovered 36 36 36 36 63
482.png Azelf psychic Undiscovered 36 36 36 36 63
488.png Cresselia psychic Undiscovered 38 38 38 38 66
493.png Arceus normal Undiscovered 60 60 60 60
517.png Munna psychic Field 31 31 31 48
518.png Musharna psychic Field 1
527.png Woobat psychic/flying Field/Flying 36 36 36 50
528.png Swoobat psychic/flying Field/Flying 36 36 36 50
574.png Gothita psychic Human-Like 31 31 31 44
575.png Gothorita psychic Human-Like 31 31 31 52
576.png Gothitelle psychic Human-Like 31 31 31 56
577.png Solosis psychic Amorphous 31 31 31 44
578.png Duosion psychic Amorphous 31 31 31 52
579.png Reuniclus psychic Amorphous 31 31 31 56
655.png Delphox fire/psychic Field 1, 69 1, 80
678A.png Meowstic psychic Field 50 50 59
765.png Oranguru normal/psychic Field 46 60
898.png Calyrex psychic/grass Undiscovered 88
898I.png Calyrex psychic/ice Undiscovered 88
898S.png Calyrex psychic/ghost Undiscovered 88
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


Pokémon Type Egg groups Machine
026A.png Raichu electric/psychic Field/Fairy TR34
054.png Psyduck water Water 1/Field TR34
055.png Golduck water Water 1/Field TR34
064.png Kadabra psychic Human-Like TR34
065.png Alakazam psychic Human-Like TR34
077A.png Ponyta psychic Field TR34
078A.png Rapidash psychic/fairy Field TR34
079.png Slowpoke water/psychic Monster/Water 1 TR34
079A.png Slowpoke psychic Monster/Water 1 TR34
080.png Slowbro water/psychic Monster/Water 1 TR34
080A.png Slowbro poison/psychic Monster/Water 1 TR34
103.png Exeggutor grass/psychic Grass TR34
122.png Mr. Mime psychic/fairy Human-Like TR34
122A.png Mr. Mime ice/psychic Human-Like TR34
124.png Jynx ice/psychic Human-Like TR34
131.png Lapras water/ice Monster/Water 1 TR34
144A.png Articuno psychic/flying Undiscovered TR34
150.png Mewtwo psychic Undiscovered TR34
151.png Mew psychic Undiscovered TR34
164.png Noctowl normal/flying Flying TR34
175.png Togepi fairy Undiscovered TR34
176.png Togetic fairy/flying Flying/Fairy TR34
177.png Natu psychic/flying Flying TR34
178.png Xatu psychic/flying Flying TR34
183.png Marill water/fairy Water 1/Fairy TR34
184.png Azumarill water/fairy Water 1/Fairy TR34
196.png Espeon psychic Field TR34
199.png Slowking water/psychic Monster/Water 1 TR34
199A.png Slowking poison/psychic Monster/Water 1 TR34
225.png Delibird ice/flying Water 1/Field TR34
249.png Lugia psychic/flying Undiscovered TR34
250.png Ho-Oh fire/flying Undiscovered TR34
251.png Celebi psychic/grass Undiscovered TR34
280.png Ralts psychic/fairy Human-Like/Amorphous TR34
281.png Kirlia psychic/fairy Human-Like/Amorphous TR34
282.png Gardevoir psychic/fairy Human-Like/Amorphous TR34
337.png Lunatone rock/psychic Mineral TR34
339.png Barboach water/ground Water 2 TR34
340.png Whiscash water/ground Water 2 TR34
344.png Claydol ground/psychic Mineral TR34
355.png Duskull ghost Amorphous TR34
356.png Dusclops ghost Amorphous TR34
359.png Absol dark Field TR34
380.png Latias dragon/psychic Undiscovered TR34
381.png Latios dragon/psychic Undiscovered TR34
385.png Jirachi steel/psychic Undiscovered TR34
436.png Bronzor steel/psychic Mineral TR34
437.png Bronzong steel/psychic Mineral TR34
439.png Mime Jr. psychic/fairy Undiscovered TR34
468.png Togekiss fairy/flying Flying/Fairy TR34
475.png Gallade psychic/fighting Human-Like/Amorphous TR34
477.png Dusknoir ghost Amorphous TR34
480.png Uxie psychic Undiscovered TR34
481.png Mesprit psychic Undiscovered TR34
482.png Azelf psychic Undiscovered TR34
488.png Cresselia psychic Undiscovered TR34
494.png Victini psychic/fire Undiscovered TR34
517.png Munna psychic Field TR34
518.png Musharna psychic Field TR34
527.png Woobat psychic/flying Field/Flying TR34
528.png Swoobat psychic/flying Field/Flying TR34
555.png Darmanitan fire Field TR34
561.png Sigilyph psychic/flying Flying TR34
574.png Gothita psychic Human-Like TR34
575.png Gothorita psychic Human-Like TR34
576.png Gothitelle psychic Human-Like TR34
577.png Solosis psychic Amorphous TR34
578.png Duosion psychic Amorphous TR34
579.png Reuniclus psychic Amorphous TR34
606.png Beheeyem psychic Human-Like TR34
678A.png Meowstic psychic Field TR34
686.png Inkay dark/psychic Water 1/Water 2 TR34
687.png Malamar dark/psychic Water 1/Water 2 TR34
765.png Oranguru normal/psychic Field TR34
786.png Tapu Lele psychic/fairy Undiscovered TR34
791.png Solgaleo psychic/steel Undiscovered TR34
792.png Lunala psychic/ghost Undiscovered TR34
800.png Necrozma psychic Undiscovered TR34
800DM.png Necrozma psychic/steel Undiscovered TR34
800DW.png Necrozma psychic/ghost Undiscovered TR34
825.png Dottler bug/psychic Bug TR34
826.png Orbeetle bug/psychic Bug TR34
858.png Hatterene psychic/fairy Fairy TR34
866.png Mr. Rime ice/psychic Human-Like TR34
876.png Indeedee psychic/normal Fairy TR34
876A.png Indeedee psychic/normal Fairy TR34
898.png Calyrex psychic/grass Undiscovered TR34
898I.png Calyrex psychic/ice Undiscovered TR34
898S.png Calyrex psychic/ghost Undiscovered TR34
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

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