This Furfrou, nicknamed Furry, is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Shauna.


Furry was seen alongside Shauna's Skitty and its trainer near X's house. They watched Y trying to coerce X to come out, but she failed.[1] Furry was seen to be flung in the air by the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal, to which she later promised to find it.[2]

Celosia made an illusion of her being a Furfrou groomer and a Furfrou, were Shauna thought it was her own, in order to control her mind with her Honedge.[3]

Furry was at the Pokémon Village, living among the Pokémon that were abused by their trainers.[4] Furry was chained up to one of the stone pillars on Route 10. It noticed Delphox and realized it was the Fennekin that arrived to Vaniville Town, but evolved. Furry tried to get Delphox's attention, but failed.[5] Team Flare started to absorb the Pokémon's life energy, including Furry's, for the Ultimate Weapon. However, Team Flare was stopped by Clemont, Bonnie, Alexa, Viola and Yvette.[6] Furry, after the battle, was rescued. However, it would not abandon Delphox, who was defeated, so the group took Delphox along, too.[7]

The group brought Furry back to Shauna, who was ecstatic to see her lost Pokémon returned. Furry remained with her, and Shauna trimmed it into La-Reine style.[7]

Known moves

None of Furfrou's moves are known.


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