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Fullmoon Island is an island west of Newmoon Island, off the west coast of Sinnoh.


Fullmoon Island is a very small island west of Newmoon Island and south of Canalave City. It can be accessed by talking to Sailor Eldritch who will take the player character to it by boat. Newmoon Island, which is the nearest location to the east, appears to be a mirror image of Fullmoon Island. This theme of mirroring between the two locations can be seen within the names of the Islands, full moons are the end of a lunar cycle and new moons are the beginning, as well as the Pokémon who are encountered on the islands, Cresselia and Darkrai being known counterparts/rivals. As well, Darkrai causes nightmares, while Cresselia is said to be able to cure people of nightmares, or give joyful dreams.


In the games, one must go to Fullmoon Island to get the Lunar Wing from Cresselia for Sailor Eldritch's son. Eldritch's son had fallen into a nightmare state and could only be cured by the Lunar Wing, which is dropped by Cresselia when encountering it on the island. Afterwards the player character can return to the island and encounter Cresselia again, after which it becomes a Roaming Pokémon whom the player character will be able to capture upon finding.


The only purpose of Fullmoon Island after completing the Cresselia/Lunar Wing arc is that it is the only way to access the northwestern most part of the Sinnoh Underground.