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Fuego Ironworks is a building located in the Sinnoh region. It can be reached in two ways. From the west of Route 205 if you go or come from Eterna Forest then you must go south when you passed by a home that contains a woman who will heal your Pokémons and the west when you are under the small bridge, not up the small bridge you only have to Surf upwards and then to the left and then up. Or the north of Floaroma Meadow, which you only have to go there and reach it only in a short piece with Surf. The building is owned by Mr. Fuego which gives in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl a Fire Stone which you can evolve certain fire type Pokémon which will only evolve through that stone. In Pokémon Platinum he will offer all 4 colored shards if you trade with him for one Star Piece, which the trade can be repeated if you offer him a Star Piece.

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