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Freezington is a small village in the northwestern part of Crown Tundra of the Galar region. It is the main settlement of the player in the Crown Tundra.

Places of Interest

Freeze Inn

Marked by a Peony's red flag, it is considered the player's expedition team's base camp, and is where Peony stays during the story.

Additionally, the player can switch clothes, restore health and change their uniform armband using the bedroom.


In front of the Freeze Inn is the statue of the King of Bountiful Harvests with its steed which, according to the mayor, has been broken since he was a child. By placing the missing part, the Wooden Crown, on the head of the statue, it becomes complete, and the king, Calyrex, appears, allowing for further progress of the storyline.

Mayor's house

The mayor's house is unaccessible until the player finds him in Giant's Bed. It contains books about Calyrex and its steed, as well as the village's specialties.

The King of Bountiful Harvests
The king was a great Pokémon that brought abundance to our cold land.
With a sweep of its right hand, the land would be blanketed in verdant grasses and blossoms.
With a sweep of its left hand, the fruit of the fields would ripen and grow heavy.
Its great crown of green gleaming, the king galloped across the land astride its proud steed.
And in their footsteps, buds would burst from the soil, and rich life was born across the region.
And so we worshiped the Pokémon and paid it all due tribute as king.
The King's Proud Steed
The horse Pokémon gave over its power to serve the king and carry it hither and thither.
The two even became one for a time, combining their strength to create a forest in a single night.
The proud steed had been a wild steed once, ravaging the village and causing much woe.
But the king, in all its greatness, brought this fierce creature to heel and secured its loyalty.
And for each among us who claims the steed's hide was black as the midnight gloom in which ghosts appear, there is another who claims it was white as a block of solid ice.
None alive can now say which is the truth.
The Reins of Unity
Though those reins did the king send its powers, in order to tame and control its proud steed.
Those reins, in fact, were made by the hands of the people, in thanks for the plenty brought by the king.
Those reins bound not only the horse and the king to one another—they bound the people to the king as well.
As the dawning of each new year, we must never forget to gift the king with this offering.
Let the radiant flower and the mane of the steed be woven together to bind us all in faith.
Let the secrets of this sacred art be passed from parent to child to grandchild and never forgotten.
Hardy Crops for the Tundra
While carrots can be grown in the Crown Tundra, they have rather unusual growth habitats.
When growth beneath the heaped snow, these hardy roots tend to develop into Iceroot Carrots.
When grown in tracts close to where many souls are laid to set, Shaderoot Carrots will be your crop.
Shaderoot Carrots are a favorite treat for many Ghost-type Pokémon, while Ice-type Pokémon seem to delight in eating Iceroot Carrots.
According to old fairy tales, the steed that the King of Bountiful Harvests rode upon loved both of these variaties—or perhaps one or the other.
Records seem to contradict one another, with some stories speaking of a white steed delighting in Iceroot Carrots and others mentioning a black steed devouring Shaderoot Carrots.
Try the Freezington Snow Samba!
Isn't it tough dealing with the cold here on the tundra, with temperatures seeming to drop lower and lower with every passing year?
While it's tempting to stay indoors where it's cozy, don't forget to move the body, too!
Try the Freezington Snow Samba today, and get your body moving to stay warm all winter!
"Lift both hands in the air, wave here, wave there, bow low, touch your toe, and freeze! Then up we pop to start it once more!" ♪
Form a circle with friends, and don't be shy! The Snow Samba will keep you young at heart!
Town Records: Tourism Initiatives
Freezington Souvenir Brainstorming Sessions (Minutes taken by the town's tourism lead)
We got a lot of submissions in our last round, so our thanks to all who contributed ideas.
We've settled on an idea for a new Freezington souvenir sure to lure more visitors: a shirt featuring our King of Bountiful Harvests!
By reusing the artwork from some old documents, we should be able to keep design costs low, too.

Walking Pokémon

By talking to a Poké Kid in the southeastern house, the player can allow or disallow Walking Pokémon in the Crown Tundra.


There is a Hiker near the fields in the middle who the player can buy items from.

Item Price
Poké Ball Sprite.png Poké Ball Poké Dollar.png200
Great Ball Sprite.png Great Ball Poké Dollar.png600
Ultra Ball Sprite.png Ultra Ball Poké Dollar.png800
Moomoo Milk XY Sprite.png Moomoo Milk Poké Dollar.png600
Lava Cookie Sprite.png Lava Cookie Poké Dollar.png350
Revive Sprite.png Revive Poké Dollar.png2,000
Bread Sprite.png Bread Poké Dollar.png150
Tin of Beans Sprite.png Tin of Beans Poké Dollar.png400
Big Pearl Sprite.png Big Pearl Poké Dollar.png2,000



Upon fitting the Wooden Crown on the statue, Calyrex appears and challenges the player to a battle.

Calyrex SS.gif

Held item:


After harvesting the Iceroot Carrot/Shaderoot Carrot in Snowslide Slope/Old Cemetery, Glastrier/Spectrier appears and rampages across the village.

If the player planted Carrot Seeds in:

Glastrier SS.gif
Chilling Neigh
Held item:

Spectrier SS.gif
Grim Neigh
Held item:


After defeating Glastrier/Spectrier, the player can talk to a woman in the southeastern house to receive a Cosmog.

Cosmog SS.gif
Held item:


Item Balls

Item Games Location/Method
Utility Umbrella Sprite.png Utility Umbrella SW/SH By the carrot field near the Slippery Slope exit
Blunder Policy Sprite.png Blunder Policy SW/SH Midway on the path behind the field with Utility Umbrella
TR Psychic Sprite.png TR17 SW/SH At the end of the path behind the field with Utility Umbrella
TR Poison Sprite.png TR73 SW/SH At the end of the path behind mayor's house
Bottle Cap Sprite.png Bottle Cap SW/SH By the tree near the southwestern house, in an isolated area accessed through west half of Frostpoint Field
Charcoal.png Charcoal SW/SH East of the tree near the Frostpoint Field exit, in an isolated area accessed through east half of Frostpoint Field

Hidden Items

Most of these items respawn daily and have a rare chance of spawning as Wishing Piece. Most of these items can also respawn as different items each time.

Item Games Location/Method
Bag Nugget Sprite.png Nugget SW/SH Further down the narrow path that contains Utility Umbrella
Wishing Piece Sprite.png Wishing Piece SW/SH On the land near Freeze Inn
Stick.png Leek SW/SH At the corner of the empty field closest to the path to mayor's house
Large Leek Sprite.png Large Leek
Exp. Candy XS Sprite.png Exp. Candy XS SW/SH At the corner of the path behind mayor's house
Exp. Candy S Sprite.png Exp. Candy S
Exp. Candy M Sprite.png Exp. Candy M
Exp. Candy L Sprite.png Exp. Candy L
Exp. Candy XL Sprite.png Exp. Candy XL
Big Root Bag.png Big Root SW/SH West of the tree near the Frostpoint Field exit
Energy Root Sprite.png Energy Root


Item Games Location/Method
Legendary Clue Sprite.png Legendary Clue 1 SW/SH All obtained from Peony in Freeze Inn during the first visit
Legendary Clue Sprite.png Legendary Clue 2
Legendary Clue Sprite.png Legendary Clue 3
Master Ball Sprite.png Master Ball SW/SH From Peony after getting the Legendary Clues
Wooden Crown Sprite.png Wooden Crown SW/SH On the table in Freeze Inn
Carrot Seeds Sprite.png Carrot Seeds SW/SH From a man by exchanging 8 Dynite Ores
White Mane Hair Sprite.png White Mane Hair SW/SH Left by Glastrier after defeating it (if the player chose to plant Carrot Seeds in Snowslide Slope)
Black Mane Hair Sprite.png Black Mane Hair SW/SH Left by Spectrier after defeating it (if the player chose to plant Carrot Seeds in Old Cemetery)
Radiant Petal Sprite.png Radiant Petal SW/SH From Calyrex after defeating Glastrier/Spectrier
Reins of Unity Sprite.png Reins of Unity SW/SH From Peony in mayor's house after getting the Radiant Petal
Legendary Clue Sprite.png Legendary Clue? SW/SH On the doormat in Freeze Inn after completing the story (hidden)
Exp. Candy S Sprite.png Exp. Candy S SW/SH From Sonia after catching 1 Swords of Justice (×10)
Exp. Candy M Sprite.png Exp. Candy M SW/SH From Sonia after catching 2 Swords of Justice (×10)
Exp. Candy L Sprite.png Exp. Candy L SW/SH From Sonia after catching 3 Swords of Justice (×10)