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This Fraxure is a dragon-type Pokémon Pokémon that appeared in Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future!.


When Iris was still at the academy, she used this specific Fraxure against another student's Altaria in a battle. Fraxure used Dual Chop, but the attack missed Altaria. Fraxure then used Drgaon Claw, but the attack missed again. Iris kept ordering Fraxure to attack, even when Fraxure was exhausted. Fraxure was later defeated when Altaria used Mist and Dragon Breath. Drayden scolded Iris for what she had done to Fraxure.

When Iris visited Opelucid City several years later, she went to Fraxure to apologize what happened several years ago when she kept ordering Fraxure around. Fraxure accepted the apology and later decided to cheer for her during her Gym Battle against Drayden.

Known moves