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A Fossil is an item that can be found in certain caves and dug up in the Underground. Fossils can then be resurrected into the Pokémon it is a Fossil of. Each Generation has its own set of Fossils consisting of at least two stage-two evolutionary families with Generation II being the exception.

Name Image Pokémon Evolution Generation
Helix Fossil Helix Fossil.png 138.png Omanyte 139.png Omastar I
Dome Fossil Dome Fossil.png 140.png Kabuto 141.png Kabutops I
Old Amber Old Amber.png 142.png Aerodactyl None I
Root Fossil Root Fossil.png 345.png Lileep 346.png Cradily III
Claw Fossil Claw Fossil.png 347.png Anorith 348.png Armaldo III
Skull Fossil Skull Fossil.png 408.png Cranidos 409.png Rampardos IV
Armor Fossil Armor Fossil.png 410.png Shieldon 411.png Bastiodon IV
Cover Fossil Cover Fossil.png 564.png Tirtouga 565.png Carracosta V
Plume Fossil Plume Fossil.png 566.png Archen 567.png Archeops V
Jaw Fossil Jaw Fossil.png 696.png Tyrunt 697.png Tyrantrum VI
Sail Fossil Sail Fossil.png 698.png Amaura 699.png Aurorus VI
Fossilized Bird Fossilized Bird.png 880.png Dracozolt (with Fossilized Drake.png)
881.png Arctozolt (with Fossilized Dino.png)
Fossilized Fish Fossilized Fish.png 882.png Dracovish (with Fossilized Drake.png)
883.png Arctovish (with Fossilized Dino.png)
Fossilized Drake Fossilized Drake.png 880.png Dracozolt (with Fossilized Bird.png)
882.png Dracovish (with Fossilized Fish.png)
Fossilized Dino Fossilized Dino.png 881.png Arctozolt (with Fossilized Bird.png)
883.png Arctovish (with Fossilized Fish.png)


In order to resurrect the Fossil into a Pokémon, the player will need to visit a building, usually a museum.


  • Generation I and VIII are the only Generations to have more than two Fossils.
  • Generation II and VII are the only Generations without Fossils. In Gen II's case, this is likely due to the fact that Johto is geographically connected to Kanto and would likely have the same Fossils as Kanto, and in Gen VII's case, it's likely due to the fact that Hawaii, Alola's inspiration, is relatively geologically young.