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Welcome to the watercooler.

This is a place for community discussion about the Pokémon Wiki or anything else related to the Pokémon franchise.

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Pokemon new movie22:57, July 30, 2018ToxicNightshades
Wikia's Masters of Animanga Project10:01, May 8, 2018Energy X
Paul the dragon trainer! - Discussion Mod user rights vote17:34, March 2, 2018Energy X
List of fan inspired games?22:35, February 21,
Discussion Moderators17:56, February 9, 2018Energy X
Who Are The Strongest Trainers In Each Game?14:42, January 30, 2018Borjitasstoi
Info for Admins and Discussions Mods on FANDOMs editorial test23:23, November 9, 2017Mira Laime
Move galleries11:51, October 18, 2017Lordranged7
PokéMania20:01, October 16, 2017Energy X
PokePower21:23, October 12, 2017Energy X
New chat13:42, September 17, 2017Energy X
A Pokemon card I once had16:03, September 4, 2017TheMindOfMadness
ORAS redesign14:41, May 27, 2017Energy X
Reorganizing character pages00:58, May 7, bird
New Feature: On-site Notifications for Discussions16:34, March 23, 2017Mira Laime
Just a thought.....12:08, February 17, 2017Ana242
Pokemon Go Timeline Theory06:45, December 8, 2016Battlealvin2009
New Order20:18, November 5, 2016Kyurem147
Pokemon Theme Song 267,000+ Notes Remix04:04, September 8, 2016MusiMasta
Should Gallery Subpages Be Added?11:05, September 2, 2016Ellis99
Updates in Discussions!20:42, August 24, 2016Mira Laime
Calling all Pokemon Battling Fans21:37, August 7, 2016Energy X
New feature extra for Pokemon players!22:54, August 4, 2016Mira Laime
Vote for Pokemon in Wikia's Battle of the Fantasy Foods!18:25, July 26, 2016Thereselovesyou
Vintage Pokemon Gotta Catch Em All XL shirt for sale21:39, July 23, 2016RyoHazuki36
How To Discover Your Inner Pokemon23:23, July 21, 2016MidnightWolf102
Vote for new wordmark20:52, June 28, 2016Energy X
Vote for new background20:52, June 28, 2016Energy X
Mew vs Arceus12:30, June 20, 2016WrathOfTheUltimateHADES
Pokémon Type Change05:17, June 11, 2016Ellis99
Pokemon sun and moon/Pmd 5 speculation07:20, June 4, 2016Deyvan Salez
Variant temp17:06, May 21, 2016Ellis99
Backround Change13:09, May 18, 2016Mario101luigi202peach404
Finally!01:46, May 15, 2016Rhymar
My suggestion for a talking Articuno14:06, May 10, 2016Kimberly AJ
TCG Templates06:06, May 9, 2016Ellis99
Starter Pokémon16:51, May 2, 2016Mario101luigi202peach404
Gen 7 Fire Starter! Six candidates left?20:06, April 24, 2016PEASHOOTERFAN
Dealing with categories10:19, April 18, 2016Energy X
Mystery Dungeon Regions06:03, April 3, 2016Chattychicken282 (AND THE POKÉMON WOF FAN!)
Walkthrough13:11, March 26, 2016Ellis99
Separation09:15, March 25, 2016Ellis99
New feature Discussions is now live!18:07, March 24, 2016Mira Laime
Pokémon Wiki 20th Anniversary logo17:27, March 11, 2016Ellis99
Pokemon Ideas?20:35, March 6, 2016Vileplume Viler
Reburst Manga09:36, February 23, 2016Energy X
Role play forums14:31, February 20, 2016Ellis99
Mew code event23:32, February 12, 2016Psychic friend fredbear
Wikia's new Discussions feature & Pokémon Wiki21:40, February 12, 2016BertH
Pokemon sprites13:00, February 6, 2016Ellis99