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Fortree City is a city located roughly between Mauville City and Lilycove City in the Hoenn Region.


Fortree City has a quite different design than any other city in the Pokémon World. The Fortree City has treehouses and several other wooden buildings. All the houses are built at a height from the ground so ladders are there to get to the houses. Wooden Bridges connect the Treehouse. It has a Pokémon Center, a Poké Mart, a Pokémon Gym and 6 to 7 houses (varies from game to game).

Areas of interest

Fortree Gym

Fortree Gym is under the tutelage of Gym Leader Winona, who specializes in using Flying-type Pokémon. The gym's layout revolves around the concept of rotating turnstile doors that will prevent the player from going backwards once the player goes through them. In order to reach Winona, the player is forced to navigate through these various gates and encounter numerous Trainers along the way.

Upon her defeat, Winona will award the player with the Feather Badge, which enables the player's Pokémon to use HM02 Fly outside of battle. Winona also grants the player the TM Aerial Ace.

Upon the player's arrival at Fortree City, the gym is initially blocked off by an invisible object, preventing his/her access until the player encounters Steven Stone on Route 120. Steven gifts the player with a Devon Scope, which enables the invisible object outside Fortree Gym to be revealed as a camouflaged Kecleon, which the player can then battle and potentially capture.

Secret Base Shop

Fortree City is also home to a shop devoted to selling decorative goods for the player to add to their Secret Base. The two vendors sell desks and chairs respectively.

Desk Shop

Item Sprite Price
Small Desk Small Desk — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Pokémon Desk Pokémon Desk — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Heavy Desk Heavy Desk— 6000 Poké Dollar.png6000
Ragged Desk Ragged Desk — 6000 Poké Dollar.png6000
Comfort Desk Comfort Desk — 6000 Poké Dollar.png6000
Brick Desk Brick Desk — 9000 Poké Dollar.png9000
Camp Desk Camp Desk— 9000 Poké Dollar.png9000
Hard Desk Hard Desk — 9000 Poké Dollar.png9000

Chair Shop

Item Sprite Price
Small Chair Small Desk — 3000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Pokémon Chair Pokémon Desk — 3000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Heavy Chair Heavy Desk— 6000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Ragged Chair Ragged Desk — 6000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Comfort Chair Comfort Desk — 6000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Brick Chair Brick Desk — 9000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Camp Chair Camp Desk— 9000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Hard Chair Hard Desk — 9000 Poké Dollar.png2000


Fortree City, as its name suggests, is also home to a collection of residential treehouses, where its occupants live high off the ground. Connecting these treehouses are lengths of wooden trackwork.




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Pokémon Adventures

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  • Fortree City's name comes from "forest green" and "tree." Hiwamaki City, its Japanese name, comes from 鶸色 (hiwairo, chartreuse).
  • As Hoenn is based on Kyūshū, Fortree City is based on Kobayashi.


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