This Ariados is a bug/poison-type Pokémon owned by Forrester Franklin.


Forrester sent Ariados and Yanma in a Double Battle against Ash's Treecko and Pikachu. Ariados launched String Shot, which Pikachu and Treecko dodged. Ariados managed to bind Pikachu's leg with String Shot, so Treecko carried Pikachu away before he could get hurt by Yanma's Sonic Boom. Once Pikachu electrocuted Yanma with a Thunderbolt, Ariados successfully hit Pikachu with Night Shade. Once Pikachu used Quick Attack, Yanma fired Sonic Boom and Ariados String Shot, though Treecko jumped and took both attacks. Thus, Pikachu managed to use Iron Tail and defeat Yanma, and proceeded to do the same to Ariados. While Ariados dodged the attack, it got defeated by Treecko's Quick Attack.

Known moves

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