Food items can be eaten by Pokémon and restore the belly stat.


In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2, the Banana and Chestnut were taken out, and the Golden Apple was added.

Item Effect Price
Apple MD Apple Restores 50 belly points. Increases maximum belly by 5 if eaten when full. 25
Banana Banana Restores 50 belly points. Increases maximum belly by 5 if eaten when full. n/a
Apple MD Big Apple Restores 100 belly points. Increases maximum belly by 10 if eaten when full. 50
Chestnut Chestnut Restores 10 belly points. n/a
Grimy Food Grimy Food Restores 30 belly points but causes a status condition. n/a
Apple MD Huge Apple Completely restores the belly and raises maximum belly stat by 10. 100
Golden Apple Golden Apple Completely restores belly and increases maximum belly by 50. n/a


Gummis restore a varying amount of Belly, which also depends on type. See this page for more details.

Gummis are a special food item which raise a Pokémon's IQ when eaten; the different colors of Gummis affect Pokémon depending on their type(s). When the Gummi eaten matches the Pokémon's type, it gives the best IQ boost, 5 points (7 in Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team). The amount of IQ gained depends on the type matchups if it doesn't match the Pokémon's type. In RB, however, these values are added together on dual-type Pokémon.

  • +15 if eating a Wonder Gummi
  • +4 if eating a Gummi strong against Pokémon's type (Ground-type eating Blue Gummi)
  • +3 if eating a Gummi neutral against Pokémon's type
  • +2 if eating a Gummi weak against Pokémon's type (Grass-type eating Brown Gummi)
  • +1 if eating a Gummi ineffective against Pokémon's type (Ghost-type eating White Gummi)
Gummi Effect
Black Gummi Black Gummi Boosts IQ of Dark-type Pokémon.
Silver Gummi Silver Gummi Boosts IQ of Steel-type Pokémon.
Grey Gummi Grey Gummi Boosts IQ of Rock-type Pokémon.
White Gummi White Gummi Boosts IQ of Normal-type Pokémon.
Pink Gummi Pink Gummi Boosts IQ of Poison-type Pokémon.
Purple Gummi Purple Gummi Boosts IQ of Ghost-type Pokémon.
Royal Gummi Royal Gummi Boosts IQ of Dragon-type Pokémon.
Blue Gummi Blue Gummi Boosts IQ of Water-type Pokémon.
Sky Gummi Sky Gummi Boosts IQ of Flying-type Pokémon.
Green Gummi Green Gummi Boosts IQ of Bug-type Pokémon.
Grass Gummi Grass Gummi Boosts IQ of Grass-type Pokémon.
Yellow Gummi Yellow Gummi Boosts IQ of Electric-type Pokémon.
Gold Gummi Gold Gummi Boosts IQ of Psychic-type Pokémon.
Orange Gummi Orange Gummi Boosts IQ of Fighting-type Pokémon.
Red Gummi Red Gummi Boosts IQ of Fire-type Pokémon.
Brown Gummi Brown Gummi Boosts IQ of Ground-type Pokémon.
White Gummi Clear Gummi Boosts IQ of Ice-type Pokémon.
Wonder Gummi Wonder Gummi Boosts IQ of all Pokémon types.
Trick Gummi Effect
Wonder Gummi Wander Gummi Wonder Gummi lookalike item that causes Blinker status.


All seeds restore the belly stat by 5.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, the Pure Seed, Vile Seed, Violent Seed, Vanish Seed, and Golden Seed were added, and the Allure Seed was renamed the X-Eye Seed. In Explorers of Sky, Lookalike items Dough Seed, Dropeye Seed, Reviser Seed, Slip Seed, and Via Seed were added.

Seed Effect
Seed Blast Seed Inflicts damage.
Seed Blinker Seed Inflicts Blinker status.
Seed Doom Seed Lowers level by 1 (1 Exp. Point to level up).
Seed Eyedrop Seed Enters Eyedrop status to reveal traps and invisible Pokemon.
Seed Heal Seed Cures all status effects.
Seed Hunger Seed Lowers max Belly by 5 for the leader, inflicts Hungry Pal status otherwise.
Seed Joy Seed Raises level by 1.
Seed Life Seed Raises max HP by 3 permanently.
Seed Plain Seed Does nothing.
Seed Pure Seed Warps pokemon to the room containing the stairs.
Seed Quick Seed Raises Movement Speed by one level.
Seed Reviver Seed Revives fainted pokemon (can be in bag), becoming a Plain Seed after revival.
Seed Sleep Seed Inflicts Sleep status.
Seed Stun Seed Inflicts Petrified status.
Seed Totter Seed Causes confusion.
Seed Vanish Seed User gains Invisible status.
Seed Vile Seed Lowers Defense and Special Defense to its lowest levels.
Seed Violent Seed Raises Attack and Special Attack to its highest levels.
Seed Warp Seed Warps pokemon to somewhere else on the same floor.
Seed X-Eye Seed Inflicts Cross-Eyed status.
Golden Seed Golden Seed Raises level by 5.
Trick Seed Effect
Seed Dough Seed Doom Seed lookalike item that makes next dungeon floor have more money
Seed Dropeye Seed Eyedrop Seed lookalike item that impairs pokemon's vision (screen shrinks).
Seed Reviser Seed Reviver lookalike item that revives pokemon but then faints because of laughter.
Seed Slip Seed Sleep Seed lookalike item that allows pokemon to walk on water.
Seed Via Seed Vile Seed lookalike item that warps pokemon to somewhere else on the same floor.


All berries restore the belly stat by 5%.

The Oren Berry was added in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

Berry Effect
Rawst Berry MD Rawst Berry Cures a burn.
Oran Berry MD Oran Berry Restores up to 100 HP.
Chesto Berry MD Chesto Berry Cures sleep.
Pecha Berry MD Pecha Berry Cures poison.
Cheri Berry MD Cheri Berry Cures paralysis.
Sitrus Berry MD Sitrus Berry Restores HP completely; increases max HP by 2 when HP is full.
Trick Berry Effect
Oran Berry MD Oren Berry Oran berry lookalike item that deals 10 damage when eaten.


All medicines restore the belly stat by 5. The "Eat" option has been replaced with the "Ingest" option.

Medicine Effect
Medicine MD Calcium Boosts Special Attack.
Medicine MD Iron Boosts Defense.
Medicine MD Protein Boosts Attack.
Medicine MD Zinc Boosts Special Defense
Medicine MD Max Elixir Recovers all PP.
Medicine MD Nectar Boosts IQ.
Medicine MD Ginseng Boosts power of set move (certain moves only). Does not work on linked moves.
Gabite Scale Gabite Scale Cures all status effects.
Trick Medicine Effect
Medicine MD Mix Elixir Max Elixir lookalike item that recovers all PP of Linoone.
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