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Foggy Forest is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness and Explorers of Sky.

Foggy Forest in the eastern side of a forest southeast of the mountain area on the Wonder Map.


During the Guild's expedition, when departing from the Base Camp with their partner, the player is given choice on go to Forest Path or Foggy Forest. Forest Path would lead back to the Base Camp, while Foggy Forest would lead to Groudon's statue and Corphish.


  • Pachirisu is exclusive to Explorers of Time and Sky.
  • Buneary is exclusive to Explorers of Darkness and Sky.
Pokémon Floors Lv. Recr. Rate
MD Hoothoot.png Hoothoot 1F-5F 13 6.4%
MD Dunsparce.png Dunsparce 1F-5F 14 6.4%
MD Smeargle.png Smeargle 1F-5F 14 6.8%
MD Cherubi.png Cherubi 1F-5F 14 8.2%
MD Skiploom.png Skiploom 1F-11F 13 0.5%
MD Zigzagoon.png Zigzagoon 1F-11F 14 8.2%
MD Pachirisu.png Pachirisu 1F-11F 14 8.2%
MD Noctowl.png Noctowl 6F-11F 14 -10%
MD Stantler.png Stantler 6F-11F 14 6.8%
MD Buneary.png Buneary 6F-11F 15 8.2%
MD Pinsir.png Pinsir 7F-11F 15 8.2%
MD Breloom.png Breloom 7F-11F 15 0.5%