The Flying Palace is Lawrence III's primary base of operations.


The Flying Palace is used as Lawrence III's primary base of operations, as his various collecting schemes take place aboard the airship. The Flying Palace is kept aloft by a series of rotating fans situated on each notch in a concentric circle, and on the side of the craft. The Palace also has an artificial intelligence system which informs Lawrence III about notable events taking place.

Lawrence's control chamber features a chair in which Lawrence can travel through the various floors of his Palace with ease, and can position him above the skyline in prime viewing position of the landscape ahead. There are also integrated holograms which the artificial intelligence system utilises to display pictures of the legendary trio Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos.

Virtual Gridmap

The Flying Palace's gridmap.

When Lawrence is in this chair, there is a virtual gridmap of the surrounding area, which is similar in appearance to a chessboard. He can use this device to plot gradual movements of the Palace, as well as controlling the Palace's onboard weaponry. A primary example of when Lawrence directly controls the firing of the cannons with the virtual chessboard, is when he lures Moltres from hiding by firing ice bombs into the surrounding area, waiting for it to thaw out from the attack.

Moltres and Zapdos trapped

The locking mechanism for the Flying Palace's Pokémon.

Once captured, Lawrence's so-called "trophy Pokémon" are locked away within a special device. This device consists of a rotating diamond-like structure, which emits an electrical charge whenever Pokémon or attacks come near. This renders it completely indestructible from external attacks. The Palace is also fitted with a collapsible lower section, which can part away to reveal a comprehensive array of weapons.

This includes various electrified rings, which are able to trap a Legendary Pokémon of high caliber. However, it is relatively susceptible to damage when Lugia emerges to stop the fighting between the Legendary Trio, as the Flying Palace is destroyed by Lugia's Aeroblast.

Lawrence's last resort

The Flying Palace's telescopic sight.

When the Palace is immobilised by Lugia, Lawrence III enters a secondary device which has a similar function to the Flying Palace, in order to capture Lugia. This device also serves as a telescope, where he observes their battle from afar, and attempts to capture it with his electrified discs.


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