Flora's Gothitelle is a psychic-type Pokémon belonging to Flora.


It battled against Cilan and his Pansage in the Clubsplosion Tournament. Gothorita was able to land several attacks on Pansage, mostly by using Double Slap. Cilan noticed that Gothorita was rather quick, seeing how Gothorita dodged Pansage's attacks. Pansage used Solar Beam and Gothorita used Psyshock and the two attacks collided with each other. However, Pansage used Dig right after and it was able to knock Gothorita out with that attack.

Gothorita was revealed to have evolved into Gothitelle before Flora participated in the Unova League. However, Flora was eliminated from the tournament when she battled Virgil and when her Gothitelle was knocked out by Virgil's Umbreon's Shadow Ball.

Known moves

  • Using Double Slap
  • Using Psyshock


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