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This White Flower Floette is a Fairy-type Pokémon formerly owned by Goh.


As Flabébé

While it was a Flabébé, it was captured alongside four other Flabébé while Ash and Goh visited the Kalos region.

Flabébé also lagged behind in evolving alongside the other Flabébé Goh captured, leaving it the only Flabébé not to evolve due to one of the petals on its flower being missing. Ash and Goh decided to head to the Kalos region and find a new flower for it. During their quest, Flabébé was inspired by a Florges owned by a flower shop owner. Flabébé, Ash, and Goh continued through mountains and eventually came across a white flower that bloomed in moonlight, allowing Flabébé to find a new flower.

As a Flabébé, it also had a habit of clinging onto Goh's hair while its flower was wilted.

As Floette

Upon finding a new flower, Flabébé evolved into a Floette. Helping its evolution was its inspiration from the Florges it met at a flower shop as it used Grassy Terrain to help the leftover flowers bloom, attracting other Flabébé. It was later released by Goh as he realized it could help other flowers around the region bloom.

Known moves

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  • This Floette is the first Pokémon released by Goh.