This Torkoal is a Fire-type Pokémon owned by Flannery.


Seeing Ash was her opponent for the Gym match, Flannery sent Torkoal, but both were reminded they needed to fight on an official battlefield. Since the battlefield was devastated, the Gym match was postponed, so the heroes and Flannery, including their Pokémon, went to clean up the battlefield. Team Rocket managed to steal Torkoal. Flannery, Ash, May, Max, Brock and Flannery's grandfather Mr. Moore went to rescue it. While Flannery and Mr. Moore were battling Team Rocket, Max and May managed to rescue Torkoal.[1]

Torkoal was the last Pokémon Flannery used in her battle with Ash and Pikachu. Due to its Iron Defense, Torkoal protected itself from Pikachu's Thunderbolt. Torkoal retaliated with Flamethrower, which Pikachu dodged and attempts to use Iron Tail, but Torkoal used Iron Defense to protect itself. Torkoal retaliated with Sludge Bomb, damaging Pikachu, who retaliated with Thunder, but failed, due to Torkoal's Iron Defense a again. Using Overheat, Torkoal defeated Pikachu. Ash sent Treecko, who, due to its burn it got from Meg, could not move freely and was also defeated by Torkoal's Overheat. With his last Pokémon left, Ash sent Corphish, who was still asleep, due to Meg's Yawn move. Torkoal managed to use Overheat, which wasn't effective. After Torkoal burned Corphish with Flamethrower, the latter woke up. Corphish attempted to use Vice Grip, but failed, due to Torkoal's Iron Defense, and got hit by its Sludge Bomb. Corphish attacked back with Crabhammer, but failed once more as Torkoal repeated its attack. Per Ash's order, Corphish repeated its Crabhammer attack, but so do Torkoal by using Iron Defense. However, Corphish struck Torkoal on its side with Crabhammer sending it spinning and forcing it upright. While Torkoal was dizzy from the attack, Corphish finished it off with Bubble Beam, giving Ash the win.[2]

While encountering a Steelix, Ash remembered how Flannery had her Torkoal use Overheat in the Gym match. Thus, Ash asked the wild Torkoal to use Overheat on the hostile Steelix.[3]

While fishing out for a Whiscash, Nero, who stole his Badge Case, Ash recalled battling Flannery and her Torkoal.[4]

Known moves

  • Using Flamethrower
  • Using Iron Defense
  • Using Sludge Bomb
  • Using Overheat


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