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Fiore is the setting for the Pokémon Ranger game. It is somewhat close to the Sinnoh region, since it was stated in-game that Sinnoh was the closest region to send the Manaphy Egg during the Manaphy event.


Fiore is a location with mountainous terrain and four settlements located in the cardinal directions of the map. Each settlement represents a season: Ringtown for spring, Wintown for winter, Summerland for summer, and Fall City for fall.



Areas of Interest


The relationship between humans and Pokémon is substantially different in Fiore than it is in the regions of the main games. In Fiore, there are no trainers that capture and battle. The people that have the most interaction with Pokémon are the Pokémon Rangers. Since the Rangers enforce a strict rule of releasing Pokémon after using their help, Fiore does not host a form of Pokémon competition in the vein of the other regions' Pokémon League. However, they do have capture challenges that are open for Rangers to hone their skills.


Poké Balls are not sold or used in the Fiore Region. People who own Pokémon are encouraged to keep them by their side, outside of Poké Balls at all times, much like Ash's Pikachu. Rangers gather the assistance of Pokémon through the use of a styler to capture Pokémon.


  • Fiore is the Italian word for "flower".
  • While all of Eevee's evolutions prior to Generation IV can be found here, Eevee itself cannot be seen.
  • Wintown is the only city or town without a Capture Challenge nearby.
  • There are supposedly Buizel in Fiore, since Keith comes back from being stationed in Fiore with one as his Pokémon Partner, but it cannot be found in the first Pokémon Ranger game do to it being in Gen III and Buizel is from Gen IV.
  • Pokémon Eggs are rarely seen in Fiore, and none have ever been reported to hatch while inside the region.