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Ferrum is the region in which Pokkén Tournament and Pokkén Tournament DX take place.

Ferrum is based on Iriomote Island, an island in Okinawa Prefecture, which is part of Japan's Kyūshū region.

Locations in Ferrum

Human Settlements

  • Old Ferrum Town
  • Neos City
  • Tellur Town

Man-Made Landmarks

  • Ferrum Stadium
  • Diggersby Land
  • Ferrum Dojo
  • Training Gym
  • Speed Training Gym
  • Power Training Gym
  • Haunted House
  • Regi Ruins
  • Blue Dome
  • Dragon's Nest

Natural Landmarks

  • Phos Volcano
  • Selen Island
  • Dark Colosseum
  • Thalia Beach


  • Ferrum comes from the Latin word for "iron." This is because Pokkén Tournament is a crossover with Namco's Tekken series, "tekken" being Japanese for "iron fist."
  • Several locations in Ferrum are named after chemical elements:
    • Ferrum Stadium, Old Ferrum Town, and Ferrum Dojo are named after iron.
    • Neos City is named after neon.
    • Tellur Town is named after tellurium.
    • Phos Volcano is named after phosphorus.
    • Selen Island is named after selenium
    • Thalia Beach is named after thallium.
  • Ferrum is the first side-series region who's name does not end in a vowel.
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