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Fast Ball (スピードボール, Speed Ball) used to catch Pokémon which run away quickly and easily such as Pokémon with the Run Away ability or Legendary Pokémon like Raikou and Entei.


It is characterized by yellow half-circles on the sides of both the top and bottom halves, with the top half being primarily red and carrying a lightning-bolt yellow mark on the very top.


Games Location
GSC Crafted by Kurt in Azalea Town (Wht Apricorn)
HGSS Azalea Town
Crafted by Kurt in Azalea Town (Wht Apricorn)
SM Mount Hokulani
USUM Heahea City, Mount Hokulani
SWSH Rotom Rally, Wyndon Stadium
Cram-o-matic (White Apricorn)


  • The Fast Ball is similar the Quick Ball, due the fact they are both useful in catching Pokémon that flee easily or hard to capture, due to having escape moves like Teleport, Roar, and Whirlwind.
  • A programming error in Generation II results in the ball only being effective at catching the first three Pokémon in the table for Pokémon that have a 10% chance of fleeing (Magnemite, Tangela, and Grimer), making it practically useless.
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