An overview of Fall city

Fall City is a city in the Fiore region. It is located in the center of the region and it is also the largest city/settlement in the region. It is named after the season, fall due to its fall-like climate.

Notable Areas

The Arena Challenge is a place for the player or other Pokémon rangers, to practice their Pokémon catching skills with their stylers. Its like the capture challenges in Ringtown and Summerland however, it is different in which you don't capture Pokémon while on a Pokémon (in Ringtown, you ride a Doduo and in Summerland, you ride a Lapras to catch Pokémon). The East Road is not a part of the city but it connects Fall City with Krokka Tunnel. The Waterworks is the city's sewage system and many poison and water-type Pokémon reside here. The Dusk Factory is an abounded factory that is supposedly haunted. However, it is just the Ghost and Psychic-type Pokémon that live in there. The Go-Rock Squad used this place to create copies of Capture Stylers for their evil needs. The port of the city is usually loaded with tourists from other regions, similar to the Oblivia region's Aqua Resort. A visitor center is near the port also. A Lapras that lives by the harbor can be used to get to Summerland by crossing the Safra Sea. The city also has a clock tower in the north and a fountain that is named after the player (after finishing the game) is by the harbor.

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