This Dodrio is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Falkner.


Falkner used his Dodrio in his battle against Ash and his Pikachu and stated that no trainer has defeated his Dodrio. Pikachu uses Agility while Dodrio started off with the same attack. Ash thought there was nothing to be worried about since Dodrio can't fly like normal Bird Pokémon and had Pikachu use Thunderbolt. Falkner proved him wrong about that fact when Brock stated that Dodrio can jump so high that its almost like it can fly, as it dodged Thunderbolt. Using Fury Attack and Drill Peck, Dodrio hurt Pikachu, then attempted to use Tri Attack. However, Pikachu avoided the attack and launched Thunder, which defeated Dodrio.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Tri Attack
  • Using Drill Peck
  • Using Fury Attack
  • Using Agility


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