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This Alakazam is a Psychic-type Pokémon owned by Faba.


Alakazam and Faba's Hypno using Psychic.

Faba's Alakazam was sent to battle Gladion's Umbreon and Lycanroc, alongside Faba's Hypno, in Gladion s motel room. Hypno blocked Lycanroc's Stone Edge using Reflect, and put Lycanroc to sleep with Hypnosis, while Alakazam defeated Umbreon, who attempted to use Shadow Ball, with a Miracle Eye and Psychic combo. Before Gladion could send out his Type: Null, nicknamed Silvally, Faba ordered Hypno to use Hypnosis on Gladion, rendering him unconscious. Gladion succumbed to the Hypnosis and fell down unconscious, allowing Faba to steal his Type: Null. Later, at Aether Paradise, Faba kidnapped Lillie and used Hypno and Alakazam's Psychic to overpower Ash, Pikachu, Snowy, and Nebby. Hypno used Hypnosis on Lillie to erase her memories of the Ultra Beast that happened a few years ago. However, Pikachu attacked it with Iron Tail, forcing Hypno to use Reflect instead to block the attack. Hypno used another Hypnosis on Ash, Pikachu, Snowy, and Nebby, but the latter Teleported them out of Hypnosis reach. Alakazam and Hypno used Psychic to hold them down. When Lillie attempted to help her friends out, Alakazam used another Psychic to lift her in the air. Gladion and Lusamine arrived at the scene after Gladion reclaimed his Silvally, and sent it out to save Lillie. Silvally, who evolved, saved Lillie from Alakazam, causing her to remember the incident. Now free from the restraints and able to use its ability, Gladion equipped Silvally with a Dark Memory Disc, turning it into a Dark-type Pokémon. The latter defeated Hypno and Alakazam with a Multi-Attack, freeing Ash, Pikachu, Snowy, and Nebby.[1]

Faba, Hypno and Alakazam, during Professor Kukui and Burnet's wedding, apologized to Ash, Lillie and the rest for attacking them.[2] Faba sent Alakazam to use Shadow Ball to attack the Matori Matrix' aircraft, to prevent Team Rocket from accessing the Ultra Wormhole. However, Gozu's Mega Aggron defeated it in one hit.[3] Since Faba had no other Pokémon left, he called Alakazam and Hypno into his Poké Balls.[4]

Faba sent Alakazam to battle during the preliminary round of the Alola Pokémon League, which they passed. Alakazam was shown defeating a Boldore with a Psychic attack.[5]

Known moves