Distant Relation Deoxys (本能の呼びかけ Call of Instinct) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 26.


Before leaving, Yellow explains Red about his ties with Deoxys. To stop the crash, Red controls the airship and has his Pokémon defeat the Forretress before they explode.

Chapter plot

Yellow and Mewtwo are being pulled into the black hole, created by Organism Number 2, for Red wishes them to escape. Yellow, before being pulled, extends her rod and wraps it around Red's hand, as she wants to tell Red something before falling asleep (since she is exhausted by using her powers). Yellow tells Red the last thing she sensed in Organism Number 2's mind was that his blood runs through Organism Number 2. Yellow tells Red Giovanni collected samples to power his position and one of the samples was Red's blood, since he did battle Giovanni five years ago. Red realizes when Organism Number 2 escaped, the vial of his blood must've crashed and Deoxys had absorbed it. Since it had no family (being born from a space virus), Yellow suspects it wanted Red to be its family, but it could only fight and not communicate.

Red realizes he sensed his blood reacting to Deoxys was because of that and takes Yellow's Poké Ball. Yellow is pulled into the black hole, pleased she could explain to Red these facts and disappears, leaving only her hat on the floor. Red turns to Deoxys, for he understands now what Deoxys meant, and is slightly embarrassed. Red tries to control the ship and tells Deoxys he feels honored that someone is needing him. Red knows well Deoxys can just leave, or stay with Red, since he is free to do anything.

Red lets Deoxys know they are friends now and sends his other Pokémon, along with Yellow's Chuchu, to find the Forretress and defeat them before they can explode, while he tries to get the ship back in the air (even if he only knows to ride a bike). Red notices a message on his Pokédex, reading that Deoxys can locate the Forretress on the airship. Poli, Gyara, Pika and Chuchu manage to defeat three Forretress, with seven remain.


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