Double Down Deoxys (ラストショット Last Shot) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 25.


Red and Giovanni are to conclude the battle. Red grabs the controller for Mewtwo to recover itself. After healing itself, Mewtwo, per Red's order, has to hit him and Deoxys to finish the battle...

Chapter plot

On Cinnabar Island, the Super Nerd Miles and Camper Evan meet up with Blaine, who is glad to see the boys. The boys notice Blaine is looking at some pictures of himself and Mr. Fuji on an expedition. Suddenly, Blaine starts feeling pain on his scars he shared with Mewtwo and realizes Mew is coming to Kanto for some reason. On the airship, Red goes to attack Giovanni, who dodges. However, Red takes the airship's controller and clicks it, causing some lasers to be activated. Deoxys grapples Red with its tentacles, while Mewtwo is protected inside the shield, created by the lasers. Red orders Mewtwo to recover itself, while he tries to subdue Deoxys. Giovanni realizes Red was after the controller; Red confirms this, since Giovanni claimed one has to use every advantage on the battlefield.

Mewtwo uses Recover, healing itself. Red orders Mewtwo to attack Deoxys, even if Red is holding it. Deoxys morphs into Speed Form, but Red orders Mewtwo to aim for the core, even if it would hit Red as well. Mewtwo stands up and fires a beam, hitting Deoxys in its Defense Form. Deoxys is defeated, surprising Giovanni, since he never issued an order for Deoxys to change into Defense Form. Giovanni notices Deoxys is changing its forms, from Defense to Attack, realizing that it has no power to change forms freely. Giovanni realizes the Ruby and Sapphire stones on Five Island produced climate for Deoxys to shift forms - and that energy has disappeared. It is due to Bill and Celio, on Five Island, the stones were removed, thus Deoxys is not so powerful.

Yellow is searching for Silver on the airship. She opens a door and is shocked to see Red on the airship. Yellow rushes to Red to explain what happened, but hears Deoxys talking to her.


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