Mewtwo and Mew Too (幻は最果てに Mirage is Far Away) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 25.


The group at the Sevii Islands gather and found out Mew is going towards Kanto. At the airship, Mewtwo suffers Deoxys' Psycho Boost, but Red has confidence in winning this fight with Mewtwo, to defeat Giovanni once and for all.

Chapter plot

Ultima has found the map to Faraway Island. She remembers her old friend, who wanted to find the island. She starts pulling things out of her sleeve, startling Lorelei, how much stuff she hides in her robe. Ultima calls Mr. Briney, who is not particularly happy about it. Ultima is annoyed, since they were seeking the map for a long time. Briney reports he is actually at the Faraway Island, shocking Ultima. Briney reports he arrived 10 days ago and has sailed around the island. Ultima asks him if he had found Mew.

Mr. Briney confirms he found Mew, but it soon vanished. Lorelei asks Ultima if she heard was true that her friend is looking for a wild Mew. Ultima confirms that, knowing that Mr. Briney came from Hoenn and is an experienced sailor. However, she thinks someone made a mistake by promoting him as the captain of the ship, insulting Mr. Briney, who shouts at the phone. Nevertheless, Mr. Briney has tracked Mew's energy and reports Mew is moving around the Sevii Islands, to the Kanto region. Ultima is surprised, while the sailor had found Professor Oak, Blue and Green.

At the battlefield on the airship, Deoxys is preparing for Psycho Boost attack. Red is alerted and tries to get Mewtwo back up, who is lying wounded on the floor. Deoxys launches the attack and Mewtwo tries to contain it, but becomes hit and blown away. Red goes to send his Pokémon, but Mewtwo, who has been devastated by the attack, warns Red this is a one-on-one battle. Mewtwo stands up and punches Deoxys, who brushes it off by attacking it. Giovanni claims Red has no choice but to surrender the match. Red knows well Deoxys became stronger after it was caught by Giovanni. But seeing Mewtwo in danger, Red wishes to end Giovanni's tyranny and find the feeling in this chest, hence why he will not surrender this fight.

Elsewhere, Ultima, Oak, Blue, Lorelei, Green and her parents watch as Mew flies in the sky.




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