Down-for-the-Count Deoxys (まやかしのオーロラ The Fake Aurora) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 25.


Red and Giovanni continue their battle. Mewtwo manages to crush Deoxys' crystal and attempts to defeat it, but gets tricked by Deoxys, who prepares to launch its strongest attack. Yellow tries to find Silver, who has been captured by Sird and Orm.

Chapter plot

Mewtwo has managed to crash Deoxys' crystal behind Deoxys' back. Giovanni realizes Mewtwo had generated psychic power, shape it as a spoon and pierce Deoxys' crystal. Giovanni sees Red was just lying about having no strategy. Mewtwo replies Red did not have a strategy, for Mewtwo only trusted Red to find whatever means possible to destroy the crystal. Mewtwo thinks victory is close, but Red shows Mewtwo his Pika, who is reminding them after Deoxys got struck with Thunder, Deoxys soon used Recover and then the most powerful attack, Psycho Boost.

Mewtwo starts using the psychic force it released to fall onto Deoxys, who is too weak to change into Defense Form and gets hit. Mewtwo strikes Deoxys, knocking him onto the wall. Mewtwo goes to defeat Deoxys, but, surprisingly, a tentacle comes out of the ground and hits Mewtwo, piercing its back. Mewtwo is shocked to see those tentacles are from the Attack Form Deoxys, when the Normal one is standing in front of him. Deoxys uncovers a veil, showing it only used a fake aurora to shift into Attack Form.

Giovanni admits he nearly thought the battle was over. However, Deoxys used Recover and Giovanni lets Red and Mewtwo, his two most powerful enemies, witness its power by using Psycho Boost. At the airship, Yellow flies with Kitty and sends Ratty, whose fangs carve out a hole for Yellow to step into and search for Silver. Inside, Orm sees Yellow has entered the airship. Sird is more concerned about Silver, who is wearing unfit clothes for Giovanni. Sird goes through the wardrobe and finds a mantle, putting it on Silver. Sird claims when Silver awakens, he will be known as the "Prince of Evil".


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