Bested by Banette (父の名はサカキ Father's Name is Giovanni) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 25.


While Mewtwo continues battling Deoxys, Silver learns the name of his father - Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket. To make sure he is safe, Sird and Orm capture Silver, but are pursued by Yellow. Elsewhere, Ultima emerges from the Trainer Tower, with an old map.

Chapter plot

Orm notices the power of Yellow's Pokémon is increasing, as she sent her whole team on the field. Orm believes the Pokémon are strong when their trainer's spirit rises. Sird is intrigued and asks Orm to check something else. Orm and Sird notice the airship has changed into a battle stadium and realize Mewtwo must've followed them from Sevii Islands. Silver checks through his scope and sees Mewtwo fighting an unknown Pokémon. Sird admits Giovanni had captured Deoxys, who is actually Silver's father.

Silver starts shaking, shocked at the news Giovanni is his father. Silver does not believe that and claims Sird and Orm are lying. Sird sees Silver is very upset and takes advantage of that. Silver, despite Yellow's warning, looks into Banette's eyes and becomes paralyzed. Yellow tries to reach Silver, who is grabbed by Sird, as she and Orm go back onto the airship. Yellow flies up with Kitty to pursue Team Rocket, who retreat. Orm asks Sird why do they retreat and is told they needed to deliver Silver to Giovanni safely, for a battle with Yellow would only result in their defeat.

On the stadium, Mewtwo attacks Deoxys, aiming for the crystal on the chest, but Deoxys blocks the attack. Giovanni is displeased, since he expected more from Red than launching reckless attacks. Deoxys attacks Mewtwo, who retaliates, but Deoxys shifts into Defense Form. After blocking the hit, Deoxys changes into Attack Form and hits Mewtwo. Giovanni asks Red why did he aim for the crystal. Red remembers well when Pika hit Deoxys with Thunder on the crystal, Deoxys stopped moving for a bit. Deoxys grabs Mewtwo and entangles them, while Giovanni confirms the crystal is Deoxys' core. Suddenly, a strike, from the air, hits Deoxys, through its crystal.

On Seven Island, Ultima pushes out the rubble of the tower, since she got trapped as well. Ultima starts falling down, so Lorelei has Shellder use Icicle Spear to bind Ultima on the rock so she can't fall down. Lorelei, with the sailor, have Dragonite fly to Ultima and pick her up. Ultima asks how others are doing and is told Red and Mewtwo have flown off, while the rest is inside the tower. They fly off to a dock, where Lorelei asks Ultima did she achieve her original objective. Ultima asks what Lorelei is meaning. Lorelei claims while Ultima entered the tower, she went separate ways. Ultima confirms this, seeing Lorelei is quite smart for an Elite Four member and shows a map, where the Faraway Island is located.



Icicle Spear


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