Can Mewtwo Dish It Out with a Spoon? (頂上対決 Summit Confrontation) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 25.


Red comes to the airship's stadium, where he faces Giovanni. Mewtwo battles and witnesses Deoxys' power, which Red has no strategy to battle against.

Chapter plot

Red sees the airship has changed into a battle stadium. Red senses his blood boiling and has no doubt he will face Deoxys soon. Red comes with Mewtwo to the stadium, which closes itself using force fields. Red turns around and sees Giovanni with Deoxys, who came to the center of the arena. Giovanni welcomes Red and Mewtwo and asks Red how does it feel to be on a higher ground, since he defeated Giovanni years ago. Giovanni makes it clear he is now as a trainer, stripped of his titles, to challenge Red, the Champion.

Red and Giovanni put their jackets down and come to each other, declaring this a battle of Mewtwo versus Deoxys - one-on-one battle. Mewtwo stares at Deoxys, whose clones have given them a hard time at Sevii Islands. However, Mewtwo is pleased to battle the power from outer space itself. Mewtwo summons its spoon and attacks Deoxys, telling Red it is at his command, to defeat Deoxys and emerge victorious. Mewtwo goes to strike Deoxys, who shifts its forms - Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed.

Mewtwo becomes overwhelmed and hit by Deoxys. Giovanni tells Mewtwo due to the stones unleashed at Sevii Islands, Mewtwo can change its form quickly and fitting for the situation it lies in. Mewtwo asks Red for a strategy and is shocked to hear Red has none. Red replies no matter which strategy they use, Deoxys will just change form and counter the tactics. Red orders Mewtwo to use the strongest attack and aim for Deoxys' crystal on the chest. Mewtwo proceeds to do so and attacks.


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