A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff (頂上対決 Summit Confrontation) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 25.


Yellow and Silver continue their Tag Battle against Sird and Orm, the latter utilizing an overpowering tactic. Red and Mewtwo come to the airship and see it changing into a battle stadium.

Chapter plot

Sird's Banette uses Double-Edge, hitting Silver's Gyarados, who retaliates with Fire Blast. Sird gets slightly burned, but admires Gyarados of red color, thinking Silver and Giovanni are alike in such tastes. Yellow senses Silver is in trouble, but Orm takes her distraction by having Jumpluff attack her using Cotton Spore. Silver comes to Yellow, warning the enemy is counting on making a sneak attack. Orm confirms this, also letting them know the spores also have many effects, like poison, sleep or even paralysis. Chuchu gets hit by a spore and becomes paralyzed. Silver is shocked, for his Gyarados went asleep and knows well even if they switched Pokémon, they will be inside this trap.

Sird claps for Orm's tactics, for they will be able to neutralize all of Silver's Pokémon and he'll have no choice but to surrender. Yellow has an idea and uses her fishing rod and attaches a Poké Ball to it. Silver notices the Poké Ball is moving on its own and remembers Green told him Yellow can even move objects by her own will. Yellow focuses, having the Poké Ball sent out of the spore-affected area. She does so and her Omny appears, who uses Blizzard to freeze Jumpluff and the spores. Sird is shocked, thinking Omastar is well trained. Orm uses the black Pokédex to check out the data and sees, along with Sird, Yellow's Pokémon generally have a low level. Orm laughs, seeing Yellow just used Jumpluff's weakness to her advantage and nothing else.

Yellow becomes angry, wanting Team Rocket to leave forest and not taint it by their presence. Orm notices and is surprised the numbers on the Pokédex start changing. Giovanni, however, kneels and notices Red approaching on Charizard with Mewtwo. Giovanni realizes Red must've bypassed "R", the security system, the Deoxys' clones and having freed Mewtwo from its armor. Giovanni sees already this will have to be ended in a battle, which won't be easy, going against Red. Giovanni turns to Deoxys, asking for its help, since a battle has to be settled first, rather than a re-union with his son.

Red, from afar, notices the airship changing, shifting into a stadium for a battle.



Cotton Spore


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