Put Your Beast Foot Forward ((ぜん)(しま)攻撃(こうげき) Attacking All the Islands) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 23.


Red, Blue and Lorelei split up to find the Beasts. Red goes after Carr, Blue to Orm and Lorelei against Sird. Red, however, learns why the Beasts want him, Blue and Green.

Chapter plot

The three Beasts repeat to either be given the trainers of Pallet Town or destroy the islands. The Four Island starts shaking as Carr goes to Five, Orm to Six and Sird to Seven Island. Bill is shocked Team Rocket is capable of such things just to lure Red, Blue and Green in. Blue already declares going after them, as does Red. Bill and Blue remind him he is still wounded by Forretress' Explosion, but Red replies three of them have to go to face the Beasts. Lorelei decides to go to Seven, while Blue to Six and Red to Five Islands. They take a ship, whose sailor complains how the ship is dirty after the passengers.

Red sends Aero, who flies him to Five Island. At the island, Carr has Steelix use Dragon Breath. Despite the chaos and disruption, Carr finds it a bit boring to launch attacks at people and buildings. Instead, Carr has Forretress use Explosion at the Pokémon Center. However, there is no explosion; Carr checks out and finds Red, smiling. Carr feels insulted, who chomps Red. Carr laughs, but Poli gets Red out of Steelix's mouth. Red reveals Poli's ability, Damp, negated Explosion and now Poli uses Focus Punch, hitting Steelix. Carr demands Red will pay for this, having Steelix use Iron Tail. Poli simply grabs Steelix by its tail and tosses it away, with Pika intimidating Carr. Red claims it is over for Carr.

Red claims Poli anticipated the move with Mind Reader. Red demands Carr why is he destroying everything, grabbing Carr by his collar. Carr surrenders, replying it was a distraction to lure Red in, for he, Blue and Green are required to summon Deoxys, per Giovanni's orders. Elsewhere, Orm is disappointed how people weak are and plans on making his next move. However, he is stopped by Blue, who arrives on Golduck and has Charizard use Flamethrower. Orm laughs, for Shuckle retreated in its shell, meaning no damage has been caused to it. In addition, out of the holes, dozens of Shuckle come out and use Toxic. Orm claims all of these Shuckle are part of a big family and shows Blue his own family - Prof. Oak, who is beaten up and captured.

Red continues intimidating Carr, who replies when Red, Blue and Green are together, Deoxys appears.




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