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A Beastly Cold Reception (三獣士登場 Enter The Three Beasts) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 23.


Red and Blue meet Lorelei, who joins them in fighting Team Rocket members, who soon arrive and intimidate them.

Chapter plot

Red and Blue face Lorelei, an Elite Four member. Lorelei replies this is her home and will not stand Team Rocket starting to attack it, hence why she will fight them back. Cloyster uses Spike Cannon, attacking the Kingler, Sneasel and Golbat. She wants to know if the grunts lie in Icefall Cave, but neither Red, Blue nor Bill want to answer. Lorelei decides to find out herself, but they all hear a voice how "correct they are". Red tries to find the enemy, but a crack appears in the wall and is crushed, as a Team Rocket member appears in a machine. The machine grabs Red, Blue, Bill and Lorelei, cuffing them.

The member does not like weak Pokémon that get captured on spot. He has the machine kick off Sneasel, Kingler and Golbat, shocking Lorelei. The grunt favors his two Forretress, considering them useful. The grunt is pleased he has Red and Blue captured. Saur and Charizard use Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn, though the man rotates them, causing the attacks to be redirected elsewhere. The man is especially pleased the attacks have not hit him. Suddenly, he is being dismissed by his companions, who think should the man start playing with these people any more, they may slip off. A woman and another man arrive and introduce themselves as Sird and Orm, while the other man, who captured Red, Blue and the rest is Carr - the Three Beasts of Team Rocket.

Red becomes furious, yelling at these people, wanting the answers why are they being attacked and why have Green's parents disappeared. Carr taunts Red, who goes with Saur after them. Carr's Forretress starts exploding, so Lorelei sends Slowking. Orm is a bit disappointed things ended up so quickly, but Sird realizes Lorelei's Slowking dug a hole for everyone to escape in. Sird shows Carr what she meant, but Carr is certain these four won't hide for much longer. Elsewhere, the group has arrived to a house. Blue despises the house, due to having many plush toys, but Lorelei reminds him this is her home.

Lorelei orders everyone to stay, for they could hide here until things calm down. Suddenly, the TV is turned on, as the three Beasts make an announcement to everyone of the island - either give up their homeland or either give up Red, Blue and Green.