A Vicious Cycle of Possibilities (動き始める首領 The Boss Gets Off) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 23.


While Bill worries about Green, a bunch of bikers are being attacked by the being. However, that is not the only surprise of Sevii Islands.

Chapter plot

While Red and Blue are training with Ultima, a bunch of bikers gather on Three Island. One tells the others it is connected to a smaller island, where forests of berries grow. A girl follows her Dunsparce and is nearly run over by the bikers, who stop their motorcycles. The bikers intimidate the girl and threaten to hit her. However, behind her, the being appears. The biker senses something, but the being attacks all of the bikers, shredding their motorcycles to pieces. Elsewhere, Bill goes to fix the storage system, wondering what Red and Blue are doing with Ultima.

He turns around and sees Green unconscious. Bill remembers before parting ways with Red and Blue, was ordered to look after Green. Bill recalled that all three of them have received letters from Prof. Oak, but he found it strange only Green had personally received the letter from Prof. Oak. Red admitted that he was also wondering about what is in Green's letter and Fame Checker. Red thought Green received them and was, for the best, to let her inspect that. Bill worries about Green, but is asked Celio to inspect something, as the system is affected by an energy field outside the Pokémon Center.

The being holds the biker leader, who is terrified of what may happen to him. The being tosses the biker off, who sends his Magmar. The biker pleads for his life to a man, who brushes him off. The biker sends Magmar, thinking the man is allied to this monster, but the man sends his Nidoking and Nidoqueen. Nidoking uses Rock Tomb, crushing the biker and his Magmar. The man is displeased with such nuisances, replying these bikers have to do better than that, if they claim to be tough. He also considers this being the most powerful Pokémon, who flew from outer space. The man, Giovanni, names the Pokémon as Deoxys.





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