Double Dealing with Deoxys (発動 究極技 Activate: The Ultimate Move) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 23.


Red and Blue continue their battle. With neither side wanting to give up, Red and Blue take their battle to the fullest, for the winner will receive ultimate skills.

Chapter plot

Scizor flies with Machamp and releases it, grabbing Saur and using Seismic Toss on him. Blue commands Machamp to finish Snor off. Machamp punches Snor and uses Low Kick on him, causing Snor to faint, since Snor took more damage, due to Low Kick attack. Ultima smiles, for Blue has made a turnaround with Machamp and Scizor. Scizor uses Steel Wing, hitting Gyara. Red calls Snor and Gyara back and sends Pika and Aero. Aero swoops down and clashes with Scizor, using Take Down. Due to Aero's Rock Head ability, Aero does not take recoil damage.

Aero uses Dragon Claw, attacking Scizor. Blue calls Scizor back and to defeat Machamp, Pika uses Thunderbolt. However, the attack is redirected onto Blue's Rhydon, due to its Lightning Rod ability. Blue confirms this, reminding Red the goal is to reach the finish line, not to whoever has won the battle. Seeing the finish line is very close, Red does not give up, as Pika starts spinning and uses Iron Tail on Machamp. Blue and Red run fast and both reach the end line at the *same* time. Red and Blue are winded and try to find Ultima. They try to find her, but soon notice her with the being.

The being wraps Red and Blue with its tentacles. Saur and Charizard start reacting, which Red thinks they acquired the special skills. As such, Red and Blue order Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn.


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