Red and Blue Make Purple Opponents (戦ノ道 The Battle Path) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 23.


Ultima has Red and Blue fight a Double Battle across the corridor - the one that reaches the end can be taught her skills. Red and Blue don't intend to lose, as they start a heated battle.

Chapter plot

After explaining she will teach only one trainer, Ultima pushes Red and Blue onto the path, where they will have a two-on-two battle. The floor starts moving independently on Red and Blue's side. Ultima explains when one's Pokémon hits the opponent's Pokémon, the trainer's side will speed up, while the opponent will stagger in opposite direction; the one reaching at the end of the corridor wins. The battle starts, as Red sends Saur and Gyara against Porygon2 and Golduck. Blue claims they don't have to give their best here, since only one of them have to be taught these skills to defeat that thing. Blue claims either he has to lose on purpose or win the battle.

Golduck uses Iron Tail and Porygon2 strikes with Tri Attack. Blue replies to Red he *will* give his best, since his opponent is Red, who respects his determination. Gyara and Snor retaliate back with Body Slam and Strength. Ultima explains Red's Gyara did use the Intimidate ability to lower the attack power of Blue's Pokémon, but Blue simply used more powerful moves, hence why he moves forward. Gyara attacks Golduck with Hyper Beam, so Blue orders Golduck to dig, to prepare to attack Red's Pokémon. However, Snor uses Earthquake, hitting Porygon2 and badly damaging Golduck, who, due to being underground, has been dealt double damage. Ultima senses Red has a good strategy, since Gyara did not get hurt, due to being a flying-type Pokémon.

Red manages to outrun Blue and gain the lead, but notices Gyara has been paralyzed, due to Porygon2's Tri Attack. Blue yells to Red this is just like the time at the Pokémon League. Blue feels very excited, as Scizor carries Machamp to attack.


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