...Now You Don't (シルフスコープの中に Within the Silph Scope) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 23.


After rescuing Green, Red, Blue and Bill take her to the Pokémon Center, where they meet Celio, Bill's friend. Red and Blue plan on taking revenge on the being that attacked Green, but are approached by an old woman.

Chapter plot

Green starts sobbing and falls unconscious and slips off the boat. Red sends Poli, who manages to catch her and land her safe. Blue sends Scizor, who attempts to slash the enemy with its pincers. However, the enemy is gone, so Blue goes with Red and Bill to take Green to the hospital. Bill notices Green's diary and picks it up, while a figure watches this group. Later, Bill thanks Celio, as they managed to get Green quickly to a Pokémon Center, where she rests. Celio has no doubt Green's Pokémon will recover, but Green may take more time, since she is suffering an emotional distress.

Red wonders if Green really did got to meet her parents. Bill shows her diary, revealing Green's parents were to meet with her daughter, but disappeared. Blue sees they need some clues first and reads before going to meet her parents, Green gave the Pokédex to Prof. Oak. They continue reading, finding out Green, after she gave the Pokédex, was attacked by an unknown enemy. They realize this is no coincidence, for an attacker is out there. Blue shows the damaged Silph Scope he took from the place and activates the replay function. They soon find out a strange Pokémon, who attacked Green and her Pokémon. Bill freaks out, for he does not recognize the thing, nor its attacks.

Red is certain he and Blue will find that and battle it, since they were attacked at Pallet Town and nearly lost. Blue and Red plan on polishing their skills before facing that threat. Bill replies there has not been a single opponent that is stronger than Blue nor Red. Red reminds Bill Green has been severely wounded and they will stand up to that attacker. They plan on getting stronger quickly. Suddenly, they are approached by an old woman, who is glad to see them, claiming they will inherit her ultimate skills.





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