Escape (脱出!! Escape!!) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 22.


Six months after the battles in Hoenn region, Silver remembers his escape with Green, whom has delivered new clothes for her reunion with her parents.

Chapter plot

Years ago, before the Masked Man terrorized Kanto and Johto regions, he kept a bunch of disciples. One night, two disciples, Green and Silver, attempted to escape. While everyone was alerted, Green and Silver hid and took off their masks. Seeing each other's faces for the first time, Green was pleased the Masked Man was at his weakest today. Silver remembered there were six of them, split into two groups and each group had trained and were named as "Masked children". Green checked the map and despite the psychic barrier blocking their exit, she found an underground tunnel to go through. However, Green did not know where it leads.

Green and Silver, along with Jigglypuff and Sneasel, descended down, but are spotted by others. They hide their faces, even if the opponent's Pokémon attack them: Meowth used Scratch, Houndour attacked with Ember, Eevee bit and Natu stroke with Psychic. Silver took the hits, so Green used a crowbar to damage the air shaft, releasing smoke. Sham went after them, but encountered a dead end. Since they weren't here, the group fled. However, this wall was actually Jigglypuff, inflated.

Green and Silver continued and found an ice statue of Masked Man and his disciples. Seeing a curtain, Green believed that is where Masked Man is being held. However, she was certain the Masked Man was too weak to move. Green was correct, for each time the full night appeared, the Masked Man would try to capture the light, but would gotten himself injured, since he was unaware of the existence of the Poké Ball that can capture time. Before leaving, Green took two feathers, the Rainbow and Silver Wing. Green and Silver fled and managed to step outside, into their freedom. The Masked Man, Pryce, felt they had escaped, as he made ice sculptures of himself and his disciples, without the masks.

At first, Green was still uncertain and her confidence was shaken, due to the time spent at the prison in Hoenn. However, Green started changing, and Silver was not sure why she did that, until her friends told him. Today, Green contacts Silver, telling this is the day she will meet her parents. Green feels sorry for Silver, since he does not know his parents. Silver admits Green has been taking care of him all this time and today it is Green's day. For this day, Silver sent new clothes for Green, who fancies them. Silver was glad Green liked the present. However, both were unaware of new challenges for Green and her friends from Kanto.

Seeing a note for him, Silver sent Murkrow and flew off. This all happened six months after the clash of Kyogre and Groudon.


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