Cipher Commander Exol is a minor antagonist that appears in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.


Exol is a very large and muscular man that wears the normal Cipher Peon clothes.


Exol is a very stern and strict individual that will do anything to get what he wants. This was shown when he threatened to harm Nett's younger sister into handing him the data rom disk. Exol is also very crafty as he only battled Michael as means of stalling until the other Cipher members erase all data of their plans from ONBS.


After hearing that Nett of ONBS has an important data rom of Cipher's next plans, Exol led an ambush onto ONBS to retrieve it. Exol eventually reached Nett's office and demands for him to hand over the data rom. Even after Michael makes it to the office, Exol managed to force Nett to hand over the data rom by threatening to harm his younger sister. Exol then battles Michael but loses in the process. However, Exol still says that victory belongs to Cipher as he managed to get the other Cipher Peons to erase all trace of their plans. Exol then leaves OBNS with the rest of Cipher having accomplished a mission.

As a Cipher Commander, Exol has full authority of Cipher and only answers to the leader and the Cipher Admins themselves.



  • Exol is the only trainer to have the Cipher CMDR status meaning his is the only known Cipher Commander out of both games.
  • Even though Exol is a higher ranking member of Cipher and has a rank under a Cipher Admin, he uses the regular Cipher Peon theme.
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