Evice, also known as Es Cade, Mayor of Phenac City, is the final boss of Cipher in Pokémon Colosseum. It was later discovered that Evice was not actually the true leader of Cipher after all and that it was actually Grand Master Greevil.




Evice, user the name of Es Cade, was first seen at Phenac City where he was confronted by Wes. Wes was seemingly praised by Es Cade for standing up to Cipher, but, deep down, Evice despised Wes' actions and wants him to be defeated. Evice finally revealed his true colors after Wes defeated his top subordinate, Nascour, in battle at the Realgam Colosseum. Evice intended to defeat Wes once and for all but he found himself to be defeated. Evice then attempted to escape in a helicopter but it was destroyed by Ho-Oh. Evice was then arrested after the events of the game.

It's revealed in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness that Evice is still locked up and Grand Master Greevil was in control of Cipher all along.


Realgam Tower


  • Evice is one of few characters of the games to have his own battle theme. The others include Miror B., Grand Master Greevil, and Willie.
  • There was evidence to Es Cade being the true leader of Cipher as Nascour exited the mayor's office earlier and Es Cade himself wasn't harmed.
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