The Ever Grande Conference is the championship competition in the Hoenn League. Like the Indigo League and the Silver Conference, the Ever Grande Conference is reference to the location (Indigo League to Indigo Plateau, Mt. Silver to Silver Conference, Ever Grande City to Ever Grande Conference).

Opening ceremonies

Like the Indigo League, the open with the lighting of torch which they use the flame of Moltres. The lighting of the torch is symbol for the opening of the Ever Grande Conference.



Each Trainer battles in one on one battles. Winning Trainers move on the Qualifying round.

Qualifying rounds

All Trainers battle in Double Battles in the Qualifying round. After the Trainers win three double battles in a row they move on to the final round.


Like the Silver Conference, Trainers get a day to rest before the victory tournament in the main stadium. All participating Trainers battle in full battles. In addition there is a short break after a Trainer losses three Pokémon and during the break there is a filed change. Losing Trainers are out of the tournament and the winning Trainers moves on until a winner has been declared. The winning Trainer is presented the trophy by Mr. Goodshow.

Participating Trainers

Tyson, the winner, with the Hoenn League Championship Trophy.

Other trainers


  • With 256 Trainers known to be participating in the qualifying rounds alone, this is the largest Pokémon League Conference to date.
  • This is the first League Conference to focus on any of Ash's rivals' battles, alongside with the Indigo Plateau Conference.
  • This is the League Conference where Ash had the most Full Battles, with a total of three against Katie, Morrison, and Tyson.
  • This is the only League Conference:
    • That featured Double Battles.
    • That did not feature three-on-three battles.
    • Where Ash's ranking does not change compared to the previous League he challenged, with his ranking being Top 8, same as the Silver Conference.
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