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Ever Grande City is the city in the Hoenn region. The Pokémon League is located here, as well as Victory Road. One needs to go through Victory Road to reach the Pokémon League to challenge the Elite Four and the Champion. A Pokémon Center is located at the entrance to Victory Road. In order to enter Ever Grande City, the player character needs to use Surf and Waterfall; from then on, they can use Fly.


In Gen III & Gen VI

Old Rod

Good Rod

Super Rod


In Gen III

In Gen VI


All items require Surf and Waterfall.

Item Games Location/Method
Revive Sprite.png Revive OR/AS In a corner of the stairs leading to Victory Road
Psychic TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM29 OR/AS On a cliff accessed from the right B1F exit from Victory Road
MewtYMS.png Mewtwonite Y OR/AS In the northwest corner in Pokémon League section
MetaMS.png Metagrossite OR/AS From Steven after defeating him for the second time



  • Despite being called a city, the only building present is a Pokémon Center.
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