This Jumpluff is a grass/flying-type Pokémon owned by Eusine.



Eusine flew off with his Jumpluff, after encountering Crystal. to continue his quest to find Suicune.[1] Jumpluff was taken away by the wind, so Eusine fell through a roof of a farm.[2] Since they were attacked by a Ditto, Eusine went with Jumpluff to find the attackers, leaving his Electrode to Crystal.[3] He faced three Team Rocket grunts, so his Jumpluff used Cotton Spore, which reduced their vision, as a part of his magic trick. As two of the grunts went after Suicune, they were quickly taken down, as the spores contained Jumpluff's Leech Seed.[4]

As Eusine flew with Jumpluff to join up with Crystal, he heard a signal from one of Team Rocket grunts' devices.[5] He took the Invisible Bell from the grunts and flew with Jumpluff went to Crystal, who tried to stop Suicune from encasing itself with invisible walls.[6] He came to Ecruteak City and descended down, seeing Crystal was injured and lost the battle against Suicune. Once he spoke with Crystal, Eusine flew off with his Jumpluff away[7]

After saving Misty from the crystal trap, Eusine flew with Jumpluff to Morty.[8]

Johto II

As Crystal had to go with Silver to stop Team Rocket, she placed Eusine, his Electrode and Jumpluff in charge of the group of children at the Safari Zone.[9]

Known moves


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