For other variants of Electrode belonging to Eusine, see Eusine's Electrode.

This Electrode is an electric-type Pokémon owned by Eusine.


Eusine used his Electrode to attack Crystal's Archy when she ordered her Pokémon to attack Eusine several times, because she mistook Eusine for Suicune. Electrode successfully knocked Archy out and Crystal ordered her Pokémon to stop with the attacks. When Eusine threw his smoke bomb and called his Jumpluff, he recalled Electrode before everything happened.[1]

Facing Suicune, Eusine sent Electrode, though Crystal pointed out it was actually a Ditto.[2] Eusine tried to have Electrode electrocute Ditto, who tried to wrap over them, but Crystal reminded him they would also get electrocuted. Crystal's Monlee freed them[3] Crystal went on Electrode to Ecruteak City to find and battle Suicune with her own Pokémon.[4][5][6]

After Crystal's battle ended, Eusine took his Electrode back.[7]

Eusine had Electrode help him save Misty from the crystal trap.[8]

Known moves

None of Electrode's moves are known.

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